7 Strand Pike Wire

Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire is a woven 7 strand stainless wire with a dark bronze finish.

Drennan 7 Strand Pike WireThe original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire.

Supplied on a 15m spool.

Sizes available:
12lb (5.44kg) 0.22mm
15lb (6.80kg) 0.25mm
20lb (9.1kg) 0.28mm
24lb (10.9kg) 0.31mm
28lb (12.7kg) 0.35mm


The suggested crimp size for this wire is 0.75mm or 15lb – 28lb Slim Crimps.

7 Stand is ideal for the twisted wire method.

Drennan Slim Crimps are the strongest most reliable method of Pike Rig construction – Always use the finest bore crimp possible. Do not allow wire to protrude beyond the crimp as reel line will regularly catch at this point. For strongest joints flatten crimp in three central places avoiding either end.

Rider hooks can be securely mounted using a separate section of wire – This method avoids kinking the main trace.

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