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Tench At Flaxlands

Steve Clarke spent an enjoyable afternoon at Flaxlands Fishery in Wiltshire, topped off by this nice tench.


Steve used a Drennan Pellet Feeder filled with groundbait and caught all of his fish on a banded 6mm Sweet Plum Boosted Pellet.

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Good Tench Sport In Lithuania

Modestas Zukauskas has been enjoying some great tench sport on the feeder.


The keen angler lives in Gargzdai, Lithuania, and tackled one of his local reservoirs with an Acolyte Ultra 10ft Feeder rod and FD 3000 reel. Clearly a winning combination!

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Quality Tench And Crucians

Daniel Everitt had his best ever start to the traditional coarse fishing season after landing four crucians over 2lb and 12 tench up to 6lb from a Warwickshire reservoir.


He opted for a super sensitive float setup with a No4 Glow Tip Antenna float with the cocking shot set just off the bottom to detect tiny lift bites. Main line was 4.4lb Float Fish to a size 16/3.8lb barbless Wide Gape Pellet hooks to nylon.

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Tench On The Method Feeder

A short session on a North Yorkshire venue resulted in a new personal best tench weighing 6lb 1oz for Stevie Hardwick.


The 40-year-old from Teesside tamed the fish from Cornhill Farm at East Cowton, using feeder tactics close to an island margin. He used 8lb line, a small Drennan In-Line Method Feeder with crushed hemp groundbait and an 8mm pellet on the hook.

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Catch And Release

Martin Bowler took this amazing underwater photo after a successful tench session on a crystal-clear gravel pit.


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Tench Fall To Red Maggots

Swim preparation helped Drennan’s Ryan Hayden land eight tench on his recent session to a Southern gravel pit.


Arriving the evening before Ryan prepared two spots, one down the marginal shelf alongside a weed bed using a traditional rake and one at around 40 yards using a castable rake to clear an opening amongst the weed. He then introduced 6 spombs of hemp, dead red maggots and caster onto each spot ready for first light.

Just before first light the alarm kicked into action and the first tench of the session was making it’s way towards the net. Between then and 7am I had landed another

All the fish were caught using In-Line Bolt Rig feeders filled with red maggots and a short 3in hooklink of 15lb Gravel Braid tied to a size 12 Super Specialist Barbel hook baited with two Buoyant maggots on a short hair.

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Bright Baits Tempt Tench

Hans Moolenaar and Arend Termorshuizen have managed to land some good catches of tench despite the unsettled weather in Holland.


“We both fished with 35g In-Line Flat Method feeders on 8lb Feeder & Method Mono with a short hooklength of 10lb Super Specialist Sinkbraid tied to a size 12 Specimen Plus hook with either a Method Boilie or one of the new Pop Ups.”

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Charm Tench On Worms

Simon Ashton visits Linear fisheries near Oxford in search of big tench in this week’s Angler’s Mail.


In the article, Simon runs through his approach when targeting gravel pits as well as some tips and tricks to help you catch more tench.

To check out the full article, pick up a copy of Angler’s Mail from your local newsagent or simply download an online version via your Apple or Android device.

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Tench On The Acolyte Plus 13ft

Tony Peet caught this terrific fish during a session with his Acolyte Plus float rod. 


Acolyte-Plus-Rods“I fished a stillwater in the North West to try out my Acolyte Plus 13ft, hopeful of a decent tench,” he explained. “I fished 6lb Float Fish through to a Carp Bandits size 14 to 4lb hooklength and set the float a few inches overdepth in 5ft of water.

“The rod was just right for this kind of fishing. I’m a big fan of my Acolyte Ultra, but the Plus just gives you that little more when you need it, without losing that great, light feel.”

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Greg’s First Tench Of The Year

greg-sire-tenchGreg Sire from France caught his first tench of 2016 during a short session after work.

“I fished for two hours on a small lake near my house,” the Drennan fan explained. “I chose to pole fish at 10 metres and only used 1kg of special roach groundbait and some bloodworm. 

“In the first hour I caught many roach and rudd, then I put two bloodworm on my Kamasan B590 hook to a 0.07mm hooklength and, 10 minutes later, this tench was in my keepnet.”

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