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Dan Gale Lands Big Pike On Super 7 Pike Wire

Southampton based Dan Gale has caught this impressive 24lb 4oz pike on a short after work ses­sion from a local water. 

dan-pikeThe fish took a legered scad dead­bait presented on a simple run­ning rig with a trace made of 28lb E-Sox Super 7 Pike Wire and size 6 E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles.

“The bite came within 5 minutes of casting out into an area that I had been pre-baiting with chopped scad,” Dan added.

The E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles have a slim­line eye and gun­metal metallic finish with ultra-sharp, chem­ic­ally etched needle points and are excpetion­ally strong and reliable.

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Trio Of 3lb Perch On Series 7 Avon Quiver

Stephen Stones is not only the IYCF magazine editor, but an expert spe­cimen angler in his own right, as his latest perch cap­tures prove.


He recently made a long trip to the River Lea with a couple of mates, in the hope of landing a few big perch and man­aged a superb brace going 3lb 14oz and 3lb 15oz, plus another just nudging 3lb to top it off.

“I took them on lob­worms mounted on a size 6 Kamasan B983 hook and 4.9lb Supplex hook link,” he explained. “They were tamed with the ever-faithful Series 7 Avon Quiver.”

The Series 7 Specialist Avon/Quiver Combo 12ft 1¼Lb comes with two sep­arate top joint sys­tems, making it an extremely ver­satile rod. Fished ‘Avon style’ with its standard top joint it is ideal for dis­tance feeder work, but is just as effective for fishing small live baits or lob­worms for perch.

Series 7 Specialist Avon Quiver Combo 1.25lb Rod

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Chub Haul Using The 15ft MatchPro Ultralight

Lee Chatfield recently enjoyed a day trot­ting on the River Avon in Hampshire
tar­geting some of the stretches big chub.

Lee-6.6With the river level and colour fining down nicely, the Hampshire Avon was almost per­fect for trot­ting, apart from the cold north­erly wind.

It turned out to be a real red-letter day for Lee, landing 12 chub, 8 over 4lb 11oz and the biggest of the ses­sion tip­ping the scales round 6lb 6oz. A great fish by any one’s stand­ards, espe­cially on the float.

Lee’s trot­ting outfit con­sisted of a 15ft MatchPro Ultralight float rod, 5lb Supplex main­line, a 4g Loafer float and a size 18 Super Spade tied to 4lb line.

“They were all caught on red maggot, which I fed 6 pints of throughout the day to draw them upstream and to keep them com­peting for food,” explained Lee.

The all-important extra length of the 15ft MatchPro Ultralight rod provides much-improved line and float con­trol at dis­tance. This allows you to keep more line off the water, to con­trol a float better when trot­ting at long range and to pick up line more effect­ively on the strike.

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