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Tackle Den Open Day

Martin Bowler and Steve Rowley will be at the Tackle Den showing the new addi­tions to the E-Sox Dropshot range on Saturday 26th September.


There will also be a prize draw on the day for a chance to win one of our all-new Dropshot Rods plus a selec­tion of Dropshot Holographic Lures.

Address: Lake 11, Spine Road East, South Cerney, GL7 5TL

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Autumn Gold

Matthew Fernandez had a real red letter day, landing mul­tiple cru­cians to 4lb from a new water using our Buoyant Casters and In-line Flatbed Method Feeders.


Matthew Fernandez with his new per­sonal best cru­cian at 4lb.

Knowing that the cru­cians will feed up before winter, Matthew Fernandez was keen to target them during September, just as the tem­per­at­ures began to drop. Arriving at the lake in the evening, Matthew had a wonder around the lake before deciding to drop into a swim on the end of the south west­erly wind, after seeing a few fish roll.

His setup con­sisted of two Drennan Series 7 1.25 Specialist Avon/Quiver Rods and small fixed spool reels loaded with 6lb mono main­line. At the rig end, he opted to fish to fish 25gram Drennan In-line Flat Method Feeders with a short 3″ hook­link of 4.9lb Supplex Fluorocarbon tied to a size 16 Super Specialist Barbel hook with a single white Buoyant Caster presented on a hair.

“I began the ses­sion by intro­du­cing a bed of bait on my chosen spot at about 30 yards with the use of a small spod. This mix con­sisted of a fish­meal ground­bait with a scat­tering of fresh casters and hemp.

“That evening the bites came thick and fast, pro­du­cing lots of tench, and rudd to just under a pound. I had to top up the swim every hour with more ground­bait to keep the fish in the swim. At 8 am, I had a slow pickup on the left rod and moments later the first cru­cian of the trip slowly slid over the net, as I looked down into the net I could see that it was well over three pound. The scales con­firmed this as they swung round to 3lb 15oz, a new per­sonal best!

“Seconds later the other rod was away, to my sur­prise another cru­cian, another three as well but this time slightly lighter at 3lb 8oz. Already bowled over with a new per­sonal best, I was over the moon! But the action didn’t stop there. I car­ried on baiting by the hour and re-casting my feeders every half hour. This res­ulted in a fur­ther forty tench, and ten small carp and four more cru­cians weighing 3lb 2oz, 3lb 8oz, 3lb 10z and to top the ses­sion off another per­sonal best at 4lb! A fish I could only dream of catching and a ses­sion of a life­time, one I never ima­gined of having, espe­cially at this time of year!”

Click here to watch a video kindly sent to us by Matthew from the session

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Heavy Rain Brings Barbel On Feed

Despite the tor­ren­tial down­pour, Paul Elt decided to chance his luck and try for a River Ouse Barbel.


Paul Elt with his reward from the River Ouse.

“It rained from the moment I arrived, until the time I left, but it was all worth the effort. I opted to bait a tight swim with a few pints of hemp and wait until dusk before making my first cast. I choose to use my 12ft 1.75 Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel Rod coupled with a fixed spool reel, loaded with 12lb Syncro XT. At the rig end I choose to fish a combi rig con­sisting of 4ft of 12lb Supplex tied to an ESP Oval Ring to which I tie a short length of 10lb ESP Sinklink with a size 10 Super Specialist Barbel hook tied using a knot­less knot to present a single 10mm boilie on a hair. My all time favourite combi rig for barbel.

“In between heavy down­pours I man­aged to care­fully recast PVA bags of crumbled boilies and it was shortly after mid­night when the rod pulled round. After a great fight, she finally slid over the net. A great start to a new stretch, one which I will con­tinue to bait and fish throughout the Autumn.”

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14ft Acolyte Plus

Martin Bowler playing a big chub on the River Avon with his 14ft Acolyte Plus Float Rod.


This rod has a super-slim blank but with extra strength to con­trol quality fish such as chub.Weighing on average just 156g, this rod is a joy to fish with all day long. The rod has a for­giving tip sec­tion, com­bined with a pro­gressive middle to help to absorb every lunge of the fish, while keeping hook pulls to an abso­lute minimum.

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Lochnaw Roach

Drennan’s Stewart Moss trav­elled up to Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland last week for a family hol­iday, and of course after all the usual day­time sight­seeing and beach activ­ities found time to do some fishing in the even­ings with his very enthu­si­astic children.


Stew’s biggest roach of the trip at 2lb 5oz.

Staying and fishing at the won­derful Lochnaw Castle Fishery, they were lucky to catch a number of lovely roach, topped by Stew’s 2lb 5oz example. Sadly, a much bigger fish was lost near the net when it man­aged to throw the hook with one last roll – blame being hotly dis­puted between Dad on the rod and the chil­dren on the landing net…

Most of the fish were caught using Drennan 8mm Method Boilies in Pineapple Punch or Tutti Frutti fla­vour, fished on a short braided hook­length, hair-rigged to a size 16 Wide Gape spade end hook.

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6lb 1oz Chub From The Ock

Matthew Davies vis­ited a stretch of the River Ock that he used to fish as a teen­ager and was soon steering this huge chub into the landing net.


“It’s the biggest chub I have ever known from the river. 4lb-plus was a good fish, 5lb very rare and a 6lb fish was unheard of!” 

The fish was caught on a big lob­worm, float fished under a small 2.4g Drennan Loafer, with 5lb line direct to a size 8 Kamasan B983 Wide Gape Specialist hook.

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Variety The Spice Of Life

Terry Theobald talks about fishing for a variety of spe­cies and how important it is to him in this months Coarse Angling Today. 


An unex­pected per­sonal best zander from the River Severn.

Grab a copy of Coarse Angling Today and check out what Terry has been fishing for over the last few months.

Available in shops now and also avail­able for down­load on Apple and Android devices.

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Mushy Meat

Big-fish angler Martin Bowler looks at tack­ling low, clear rivers for barbel in the latest issue of Angling Times.

mb-meat-tipsMartin’s art­icle is packed full of tips and tricks to help you max­imise your chances of landing your­self a sum­mer­time barbel in low river con­di­tions with the use of oily baits such as meat.

The 11th August issue of Angling Times is in the shops now and also avail­able for down­load on Apple and Android devices.

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Lifetime Quest For A 2lb Roach

quest-for-a-2lb-roach-mb-atMartin Bowler takes Phil Nicholls out to try and catch his first ever 2lb roach in this week’s Angling Times

Grab your­self a copy and find out exactly how they approached the won­derful Milton Abbas lakes in Dorset for its spe­cimen roach.

While trying for a 2lb roach, a few sur­prises also filled Phil’s net!

The 4th August issue of Angling Times is in the shops now and also avail­able for down­load on iPad and Android.

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A Perfect Day Under A Hot Summer Sun

Martin Bowler visits Great Somerford Lakes in Wiltshire to target roach, tench and cru­cians in this week’s Angling Times.

martin-at-summer-sunFind out how Martin gets on at this stun­ning venue and learn his best tips for tar­geting such a rich, nat­ural venue.

The July 28th issue of Angling Times is in the shops now and also avail­able for down­load on iPad and Android.

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