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Wide Gape Hook Helps Land 6lb Chub

Cambridge-based all-rounder Mark Simmonds was finally rewarded with a big chub from the River Great Ouse. 


After landing numerous smaller fish on pre­vious ses­sions, Mark was pleased to finally land his quarry in less than ideal conditions.

Mark explains how the ses­sion unfolded: “With recent rain­fall the Great Ouse was in less than ideal con­di­tions. I decided to fish a local stretch and loc­ated a large slack on the far bank. I primed the swim with a handful of my home made boilies on arrival and left it to rest while set­ting up.

“Due to the con­di­tions a standard quiver tip set up wouldn’t be suit­able, the flow between myself and the slack was too great. Instead, I opted for a 1.25 Specialist Avon Quiver rod, using the Avon top rather than the usual quiver tip sec­tion. I used a simple lead clip arrange­ment and a short hook­link made up of Super Specialist Sink Braid and a size 6 Drennan Wide Gape Specialist Hook, to which I hair rigged a single boilie and wrapped it in paste.

“I received a tent­ative pluck early on in the evening and a few rattles on the tip the fol­lowing cast, this time removing the boilie from the hair. I baited the swim with a few more boilies by hand and recast to the same spot. Moments later the tip was boun­cing around and I was into my first 6 of the winter. It went 6lb 3oz on the scales, great fun in con­di­tions I was expecting to blank!”

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Loafer And Corn Fools Huge Grayling

Dean Derbyshire enjoyed a catch of a life­time while tar­geting grayling on the River Frome in Dorset.


Starting the ses­sion off with a maggot feeder, it only took a few minutes before his quivertip swung round and he was soon looking down into the net at a 3lb 2oz grayling – a huge grayling by anyone’s stand­ards and a fish of a lifetime!

After that ini­tial bite, Dean struggled the rest of the morning with only a few small fish up to 8oz to show for his efforts. Then, just as the heavens opened in the after­noon, he was rewarded with yet another huge spe­cimen, this time a frac­tion bigger at 3lb 3oz!

The down­fall this time was a single piece of corn presented on a size 12 Drennan Super Specialist hook which was trotted through the swim under a Drennan Loafer float.

“Drennan Loafers are per­fect for a River like the Frome. They are unob­trusive and their buoy­ancy offers excel­lent vis­ib­ility in tur­bu­lent water, making these my favourite choice when trot­ting for grayling,” Dean explained.

This fant­astic cap­ture earned Dean a weekly Drennan Cup award in Angling Times on the 13th of January.

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Top Rod At Chew Valley Lake

Cheshire-based pike spe­cialist, Kev Shore, has def­in­itely been put­ting his E-Sox Piker braid to the test this season with a string of huge pike from Chew Valley Lake.


Kev has had an incred­ible season so far on Chew. In the first three weeks of it opening this season he has landed four 30s to 35lb (pic­tured above) and numerous big 20 pounders, all caught on float-fished smelt. Undoubtedly the top rod!

Kev was one of four that tested our new E-Sox braids throughout 2012, prior to it’s launch, and he caught all of these fish on the 75lb breaking strain E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line.

“All of my pike over the past two years were caught on 75lb Piker Braid,” Kev com­mented. “It is the best braid I have used, never having had a problem with it. I am still using the ori­ginal test braid now!”

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