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Martin Bowler’s Latest Book

Martin Bowler’s eagerly awaited book, Totally Immersed, is coming soon! Here’s a sneak look at the eye-catching dust jacket.


“This pan­or­amic image forms the whole of the dust jacket and I feel gives you all a good idea of what to expect inside,” Martin explained.

“A year in my angling life above and below water,” he added.“If the con­tents don’t con­vince you it’s worth buying then nothing I ever pro­duce will, as I don’t think I’m cap­able of better!”

Pre-orders will start in a couple of weeks and the book will be avail­able from early October at

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Specimen Chub From The River Wear

Simon Ashton has caught a life­time best 6lb 3oz chub from the River Wear in Durham.


“After loc­ating a few chub with one proper lump among them I decided to return the very next day to see if I could tempt the big ‘un,” Simon tells us. “I fed the swim at range with hemp and maggot for 30 minutes, little and often, without casting. Then, after what seemed ages, I couldn’t hold back any more!

“It only took five trots before the float dipped and the biggest chub I’ve ever hooked made a des­perate bid to find the far bank. A few minutes later, after a couple of heart-stopping moments I eased her over the landing net head!”

“After two weigh ins I settled on 6lb 3oz and a 20-year wait for a 6lb chub was mine! It’s the first big chub I’ve had since the ‘black death’ decim­ated the river’s rich dace and roach stocks eight years ago.”

Simon’s hand­some fish was banked using 3.3lb Float Fish line with a size 20 Maggot hook and double white maggot hook bait. His “old-faithful” 15ft Matchpro Ultralight was used to con­trol a straight Crystal wag­gler down the swim.

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Matchman Bags French Sturgeon

Mick Denton has returned from a trip to France with sev­eral specimen-sized fish under his belt, including this excep­tional sturgeon!


Mick is nor­mally an out-and-out match angler who fishes for Drennan Oxford, but couldn’t turn down the chance of some spe­cimen action when offered a trip to France. Not for­get­ting his roots, his Acolyte Carp pole was also loaded into the van in anti­cip­a­tion of some day­time fishing on the pole. Although the pole fishing sport wasn’t hectic, Mick landed sev­eral good fish, including cat­fish, roach, perch, tench and a sur­prise eel.

He also man­aged to smash four new per­sonal bests on the trip, as he caught common carp to 25lb, mirror carp to 28lb 4oz, cat­fish to 28lb 4oz and this lovely looking stur­geon at 43lb. Well done Mick!

Mick is pic­tured wearing his Drennan Match Clothing, which more than stood up to the weather and looks the part as well!

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