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A Great End To The Season

Gary Newman enjoyed a great days fishing on the River Colne, landing numerous fish from a pre-baited spot at the end of a shallow glide.


Both were caught on boilies wrapped in paste with a PVA bag of broken boilies and 6mm halibut pel­lets, from a swim that he had been trick­ling a bit of bait into. The swim was at the end of a shal­lower, faster run where it then dropped off into deeper water and slowed down.

They were landed on 12ft 1.75 lb Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel rod with Series 7 BR 9–30 Carp Method reel loaded with 10lb ESP Syncro main line, and end tackle was a 2ft 10lb fluoro­carbon hook link to a size 7 ESP T6 hook.

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Luring Pike From A Weedy Lair

With the water tem­per­ature slowly rising, Martin Bowler decided to have one last go in the hope of landing a big pike…



Available in 13cm (43g) and in four eye-catching colours.

Pictured above is the E-Sox Zagtail, a large, floating, jointed lure which can be fished from sub-surface down to 2m in depth. The jointed body pro­duces an excel­lent double action which in con­junc­tion with the flashy holo­graphic finish means that even on a plain, straight retrieve they look extremely life-like.

Find out how Martin got on in this week’s Angling Times, avail­able in news­agents now and on iPad and Android.

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Perch Fishing With Loaded Wagglers

Ray Pulford had an after­noon ses­sion tar­get­ting perch on a local still­water using simple wag­gler tac­tics to great effect.


Ray’s setup con­sisted of a Loaded Crystal Waggler and 4.4lb Float Fish main­line tied dir­ectly to a size 14 Wide Gape Specialist hook. The hook bait choice for the ses­sion was a maggot and lob­worm cock­tail, which proved irres­ist­ible to the perch. By loose feeding mag­gots on a little and often basis, he kept plenty of small bait fish active in his swim, which, in turn, attracted the stripey predators.

The biggest trio of the ses­sion weighed 2lb 4oz, 2lb 8oz and 2lb 12oz, along with plenty of backup fish around the 1lb mark.

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