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Brace of River Pike For Steve Crowe

Norwich based Steve Crowe, had a fant­astic brace of pike during a weekend
ses­sion on a Norfolk river.


The smal­lest of the ses­sion was 19lb 6oz, which was fol­lowed by an even bigger fish of 21lb 6oz. Both of the fish were caught on roach baits using a simple float setup con­sisting of 45lb E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line, Piker float and E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire.

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25lb 4oz Pike On Opening Day At Chew

Steve Rowley netted him­self an impressive 25lb 4oz pike on the opening day at Chew in October.


“It rained vir­tu­ally all day long, with gusty winds. The lake didn’t fish par­tic­u­larly well to Chew stand­ards. I found myself blanking until 3.30am in the after­noon, when I had a small fish of around 6lb. My boat partner Steve Marshall had already had four fish to just under 17lb.”

e-sox-piker-braid-125m“Just 15 minutes later the fish took my Sardine bait. For the first few seconds the fish didn’t feel big at all. Then it started to pull back, and as it tried to run under the boat towards the anchor rope I real­ised I had hooked some­thing decent. My E-Sox Piker Bait rod and 60lb E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line were both up to the chal­lenge, and I man­aged to turn the fish and guide it towards the waiting net.”

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Homemade Paste Fools Chub

Recent rain­fall prompted Simon Daley to head for the Dorset Stour in search of one of its res­ident big chub.


wide-gape-specialist“As the light faded I had a thumping bite, which res­ulted in this 6lb 1oz chub. My first 6 of the season!” Explained Simon.

Simon used a simple link leger setup using a size 6 Wide Gape Specialist hook baited with a piece of his homemade paste wrapped around the shank.

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