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Doing Battle With Dinosaurs!

Martin Bowler con­tinues his Thailand adven­ture in this week’s Angling Times, banking numerous fish, including a stun­ning arapaima.


Pictured is a great action shot of Martin doing battle with one of the lake’s mon­sters, caught using one of our Skud floats.

float-skudDrennan Skuds are loaded long-range wag­glers with a bulbous body just below the tip to aid sta­bility when casting and to reduce the dive depth on impact. They clearly also make a nice float choice for more ‘unusual’ styles of fishing!

The Angling Times is in the news­agents every Tuesday and also avail­able on iPad and Android.

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New Personal Best For Simon

Durham-based all-rounder Simon Ashton has recently man­aged to beat his per­sonal best for pike with an impressive fish of 24lb 3oz.

simon-pb-pike-1Simon caught this fish just after first light from a northern still­water using his ever-faithful 12ft E-Sox Piker Bait Rod, coupled with a reel loaded with 18lb ESP Syncro XT Loaded main line. The busi­ness end con­sisted of a simple run­ning leger with a trace made up of 40lb E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire and size 6 Semi-barbed Extra Strong Trebles.

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Huge River Ouse Chub

Freezing tem­per­at­ures weren’t enough to keep reigning Drennan Cup cham­pion Jamie Cartwright away from the river bank as he braved the ele­ments to bank this impressive 7lb 10oz chub.


The Northampton Specimen Group member only need 20 minutes on the River Great Ouse in order to fool the spe­cimen chub.

Jamie used his “ever faithful” Drennan 12ft 1.5lb Specialist Avon/Quiver, 10lb Feeder & Method Mono, a 1.5oz in-line lead, 15lb ESP Two-Tone hook­link to a size 8 Curve Shank hook.

He baited the swim with a few small pieces of CC Moore Odyssey XXX paste before set­ting up. The spe­cimen took a matching boilie wrapped in the same paste that he used to prime his chosen spot.

“The day started with my alarm going off at 4.00am and I was faced with a 95-mile drive to my chosen venue,” explained Jamie. “When I got there, the weather took a turn for the worse, so I decided to drive all of the way home and fish a swim that I’d never tar­geted for chub. The weather was better and this just goes to show that when it comes to catching big fish you have to go with your instincts.”

This fant­astic cap­ture earned Jamie a weekly Drennan Cup award in Angling Times on the 10th of February.

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