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A Trio Of New Drennan Products!

We are pleased to unveil three more quality Drennan products this week. 


First up are the unique Acolyte Hook Resistant Landing Nets. They are available in 14in, 16in and 18in sizes and are a considerable technical improvement on existing match and carp landing nets.

The special fish-friendly mesh features a flat section, knotless mesh with a super fine, tight weave. It’s also seriously hook resistant and designed to release rare hook ups much more easily and quickly. It also holds its shape really well, which is a real asset when netting fish at speed.

Extensively field-tested by anglers of the calibre of Alan Scotthorne and Steve Hemingray, the finished product is quite unlike any other landing net out there.


The Carp 7 is the third pole float in the Carp series featuring our special banded tips. Its highly visible 1.5mm Glow Tip antenna helps you spot tiny movements on the float much more easily.

This float shares many similarities with the Carp 6 with one all-important difference; a 0.6mm wire stem for greater stability. This helps provide superior presentation and ensures the float is working in the swim as quickly as possible.

This superbly made and versatile float is available in nine sizes from 0.2g up to 1.5g.


Next up is X Tough. This clear mono is exceptionally strong and resilient to both abrasion and shot damage.

It is available on compact 50m spools from 0.08mm/1lb 4oz right up to 0.24mm/10lb. It has accurately quoted diameters and achievable knot strength, rather than linear strength, because there aren’t many rigs without knots!

A fantastic new hooklength and rig making material for both float and feeder fishing.

x-tough-line-range-CAll of these products are available now and should be finding their way into all good Drennan stockists over the next couple of weeks.

Visit the New Products section to learn more about our latest tackle releases.

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Drennan Hooks For Triggerfish

Italy’s Mario Tomatis has been successfully using Drennan hooks for unusual species, as this impressive grey triggerfish shows!


“I finally caught it in Liguria, Italy, after three days of hunting because the fish are very cunning!” he explained. I used your size 6 Wide Gape Specialist hooks with 12lb Series 7 line. Very good hooks and very strong for the beak of the fish!”

Follow Mario’s angling exploits in his walking on the riverside blog.

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User Report: Acolyte 12ft Carp Waggler

The Fishing Republic’s James Carlin had a successful weekend catching carp to 12lb with his Acolyte 12ft Carp Waggler rod. 


“It felt light yet powerful and I never had any doubts while playing the fish,” he commented.

Visit the Fishing Republic’s Blog section of their website for a full user report and in-depth account of the session.

Learn more about the Drennan Acolyte Carp Waggler rods.

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The Carp 6 Close Up

Take a closer look at the Carp 6 pole float in our latest film. 


We talk you through all the key features of this expertly designed and engineered float. The Carp 6 is an extremely versatile pattern that deserves a place in every pole angler’s tackle box. Filmed with Jon Arthur at the excellent Bishops Bowl Fishery in Warwickshire.

Watch the video >>

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Amazing Session With Latest Rigs

We had a stunning session with Dean Barlow yesterday, putting the latest Drennan Carp Pole Rigs to the test.


dean-rolfs-1Few places can match Rolf’s Lake for tackle testing and yesterday was yet another exceptional day. This famous venue holds a terrific head of carp – which run well into double figures – and they pull back a bit!

Despite catching well over 150lb of carp (the biggest we weighed went 14lb 14oz) the two rigs Dean selected lasted the entire session. After a full day’s bagging, we can honestly say he never broke a single rig. Even the hooklengths were still in great condition. Dean set up a Carp 2 Pole Rig for open water and a Carp 4 Pole Rig for the margins. Both rigs went safely back on their winders afterwards, ready to do battle again!

Many thanks to John Bennett at Rolf’s Lake for his hospitality. Watch this space for an in-depth feature from the session, demonstrating how to get the best from Drennan Carp Pole Rigs.

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The 9ft Mini Carp Feeder In Action

Grant Albutt gives the Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder a great workout in our latest video.


The commercial ace has an enjoyable session at Woodland View Fishery near Droitwich, Worcestershire, and puts together a tidy net of carp and F1s with the latest Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder.

Watch the video >>

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The Finest Pop Ups!

Countless fish have been caught on Drennan Pop Ups since they were launched. These highly visible, flavour-packed hook baits are simply brilliant!


Unlike most other pop ups on the market, you get bright orange, pink and yellow hook baits, PLUS white AND black in each tub. With five distinct colours in a single tub, you have even more scope for experimentation!

drennan-pop-ups-closeup-dumbellsBandit Dumbell Pop Ups are barrel shaped and the Method Boilie Pop Ups are spherical. Each is available in 8mm and 10mm sizes, which are ideal for all sizes of carp. Smaller 6mm F1 Bandit Dumbells are also available. These have proved particularly effective, not just for smaller carp and F1s, but also for extra cautious larger specimens.

Pop Ups are designed to be mounted on a hair rig, using either a latex bait band or a Pushstop to hold them in place. They are really effective when fished on a short (3in to 4in) hooklength in conjunction with a Method Feeder or Pellet Feeder setup. Alternatively, try presenting them on a much longer (10in to 2ft+) hooklength at varying depths using a bomb setup.

A specially developed Fruity Fish flavour also ensures that each hook bait has optimum attraction. The sheer numbers of fish that have been caught with Drennan Pop Ups is testament to this!

The Drennan Pop Ups Range:

  • 8mm Method Boilie Pop Ups
  • 10mm Method Boilie Pop Ups
  • 6mm F1 Bandit Dumbell Pop Ups
  • 8mm Bandit Dumbell Pop Ups
  • 10mm Bandit Dumbell Pop Ups
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Enter The Carp Zone

Spring is the ideal time to get into pole fishing and the Red Range Carp Zone 1250 is a great choice for tackling your local commercial.


Retailing for less than £300, this quality pole offers unbelievable value. Importantly, it is fishable at its maximum 12.6m length and the wide bore Carp Kits are ready to elasticate with little or no cutting back.

rr-carp-poles-bAs with all the latest Drennan poles, the top kits feature a Side Pull Slot, which we factory machine and fit here in England. This means you can use our unique Roller Cones (also supplied) and take advantage of the revolutionary Side Pull System, reducing elastic wear and providing silky smooth performance.

Top match angler Jon Arthur took the pole to Decoy Lakes near Peterborough for a thorough workout. This popular venue in Cambridgeshire proved an ideal testing ground and, even with a stiff cross wind, Jon managed to fish the Carp Zone at full length much of the day.

rr-carp-zone-jon-cLightly catapulting 6mm hard pellets and fishing a matching 6mm hooker inside a bait band soon had fish zipping the elastic out. Chunky F1 hybrids were first on the scene, plus several surprise barbel, followed by hard-fighting mirrors up to 8lb. Each fish gave a great account of itself on yellow and pink Carp Bungee, with the Side Pull System working its magic every time.

rr-carp-zone-jon-bLater on, Jon switched his attentions to a short-pole swim, where he could throw pellets by hand, before ending up with three good fish down his right-hand margin. Even with tricky marginal snags and obstacles to deal with the Carp Zone 1250 coped effortlessly.

With the pole you get a total of four Carp Kits, which is ample to get you up and running on your local lake. It also comes with a 250ml Polemaster Pole Pot and threaded adaptor, should you wish to convert a kit into a cupping kit. Skid Bungs, protective nose cones, PTFE bushes and Side Pull Beads are also supplied.

The Red Range Carp Zone 1250 is the perfect blend of quality and performance in a great value package.


To learn more about Decoy Lakes, visit

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New Drennan Gear For Spring!

Fantastic new tackle from Drennan International, including poles, feeder rods, specialist rods, pole floats and ready tied rigs!


DS-7-combat-carp-pole-2D-S7 Combat Carp 1450

The D-S7 Combat Carp is a perfect blend of strength and finesse and comes with five top kits and a cupping kit. This includes a Standard Kit inside the pole, two Carp Kits, a Double 2 Carp Kit and a Double 2 Ghost Carp Kit. Side Pull Slots are also fitted as standard, allowing you to take full advantage of the ultra-smooth Side Pull System.

This true-length 14.5m pole also comes with two reversible mini extensions, five Skid Bungs, Roller Cones, EVA nose cones, Super Slick PTFE bushes, Side Pull Beads, an extractor rod, a Polemaster Pole Pot, cupping kit adaptors, a Drennan Visi Case and a 4-6 Tube Drennan Holdall. An exceptional package – and all for under £600!

specialist-tench-and-bream-1-75lb-4Specialist 12ft Tench & Bream Mk2

The Drennan Specialist Tench & Bream rod is back! This Mk2 version is 12ft with a 1.75lb test curve and is purpose designed for the discerning big fish angler. It has reserves of power for handling specimen fish, but the tip still remains light and responsive for playing smaller samples.

There are nine SiC guides on the high-modulus carbon blank, plus a full cork handle and a Fuji DPS reel seat. This rod is destined to be another cult classic!

specialist-distance-tench-and-bream-2lb-5Specialist 12ft Distance Tench & Bream Mk2

Another classic given a new lease of life for 2017 is the Specialist 12ft Distance Tench & Bream Mk2. As the name suggests, this rod is ideal for targeting specimen fish at long range.

It has a 2lb test curve and a stiffened butt section with a total of seven SiC guides. This combination greatly improves casting range and accuracy, but it still retains a progressive, semi-through action for playing fish.

A stylish matt green finish, full cork handle, Fuji DPS reel seat and the latest Specialist branding ensures it looks as good as it performs.

carp-pole-rigsCarp Pole Rigs

These new generation Carp Pole Rigs are constructed from quality components and skillfully hand tied in Drennan’s own factories to exacting specifications.

There are 12 rigs in total, featuring Carp 1, Carp 2, Carp 3 and Carp 4 pole floats. Each Carp Pole Rig also comes supplied on a reinforced pole winder with information conveniently printed for ease of reference.

Perfect rigs, designed to help you catch more fish at your local commercial fishery!


Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder

A lovely short-range bomb and feeder rod for commercial fisheries. The Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder is a great choice for shorter casts, snake lakes and tight swims. It is an ideal choice for bream, tench, F1s and match-sized carp to 8lb+. This two-piece rod is also supplied with interchangeable 1oz and 2oz Drennan Feeder Tips.

carp-6-pole-floats-3Carp 6 Pole Floats

The banded tip on the Carp 6 improves bite detection and allows you to spot lift bites easily. A body down profile, durable carbon stem, super-tough acrylic finish, double-wound spring eye and 1.5mm hollow antenna means it a really strong and versatile design.

The Carp 6 can be used with a wide variety of baits, from maggots and worms to pellets and even paste. It is also available in 10 sizes from 0.1g right up to 1.5g.

Visit our New Products section to learn more about all of these items and more!

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Three Top Hook Patterns

Take a closer look at some terrific hooks in our latest three videos. 


Darren Davies explains why he rates the Silverfish Match so highly and shows you some different ways to hook a caster.
Watch Darren’s video >>

You can also find out why the aptly named Silverfish Maggot is Gary Barclay’s first choice for maggot and pinkie fishing for F1s and silverfish.
Watch Gary’s video >>

Fresh from a huge 226lb match win, Grant Albutt tells you why the Wide Gape Carp is number one for big weights of carp.
Watch Grant’s video >>

View the entire range of new generation Drennan spade end, barbless hooks.

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