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Grant Albutt Bags 98lb and 99lb Catfish

Match ace Grant Albutt had a nice surprise after slipping the net under 98lb and 99lb albino cats during a specimen hunting session in France.


Grant was hoping to target specimen carp during a trip to Domain de Goncourt, but it was the lake’s catfish population that stole the show:

“I had an amazing week. Not many carp for me – the biggest being 32lb – and it’s been so frustrating as I’ve been smashed up by catfish all week. I just couldn’t manage to get one even close to the bank. I finally had one at 55lb. Then, just after dark, I’ve had a run and played a fish for 25 minutes and seen this enormous creature come up 25 yards out! The fight on these fish is something else. This fish weighed in at 98lb. A fish of a lifetime!

“I had it on four Dynamite halibut pellets fished over a bed of high oil trout pellets on a size 5 ESP Cryogen Gripper hook.

grant-catfish-2“On the last day, at 1.30am, I was again woken up by my rod screaming off. I thought it was a big common until I saw its tail. It was another albino! At first I thought it was the same fish, but it weighed a pound more at 99lb. We’ve looked closely at the pictures and it’s definitely a different one. I’m absolutely over the moon to catch one, but two is amazing!

“Thanks to Steve Cole and Max White for all your advice, help and tackle, plus Paul McRae and Andy who I took over. Great times!”

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The 9ft Mini Carp Feeder In Action

Grant Albutt gives the Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder a great workout in our latest video.


The commercial ace has an enjoyable session at Woodland View Fishery near Droitwich, Worcestershire, and puts together a tidy net of carp and F1s with the latest Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder.

Watch the video >>

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Guided By Grant

Steve Collett spends a day with top matchman Grant Albutt in the latest issue of the Angler’s Mail. 


The colourful columnist brushes up on his pellet fishing skills during a worthwhile coaching session with Grant. Later on he also gets a glimpse of the aquaculture that goes on behind the scenes at Shatterford Lakes near Kidderminster.

The 21st March issue of Angler’s Mail is out now.

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24lb Ghostie On Acolyte Rod

Grant Albutt tamed this immaculate 24lb ghost carp on his 11ft Acolyte Carp Waggler rod!


The top match angler and fishery manager caught the specimen from Masters Lake at Shatterford Lakes near Kidderminster.

“I drove round Masters and noticed a few big fish just under the surface, so I thought I’d go and get my rod and have a chuck,” he explained. “Using an Acolyte 11ft Carp Waggler rod with a 5g Pellet Waggler produced this stunning ghostie at just over 24lb! I wouldn’t really recommend this type of rod for deliberately targeting specimen fish, but what a rod!”

Grant fooled the fish with a piece of punched meat held on with a Pushstop to a size 12 hook and a 0.30mm Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklength.

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Three Top Hook Patterns

Take a closer look at some terrific hooks in our latest three videos. 


Darren Davies explains why he rates the Silverfish Match so highly and shows you some different ways to hook a caster.
Watch Darren’s video >>

You can also find out why the aptly named Silverfish Maggot is Gary Barclay’s first choice for maggot and pinkie fishing for F1s and silverfish.
Watch Gary’s video >>

Fresh from a huge 226lb match win, Grant Albutt tells you why the Wide Gape Carp is number one for big weights of carp.
Watch Grant’s video >>

View the entire range of new generation Drennan spade end, barbless hooks.

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A 226lb Win In February!

Grant Albutt obliterated the latest Larford Lakes Classic Qualifier with a colossal 226lb winning weight!


The commercial specialist bounced straight back to form after a couple of fishing-free weeks caused by ‘man flu’. He drew end peg 78 on the Speci Lake and opted to fish a Method Feeder at 50 turns and a pole line at 13 metres with micros and corn.

“I also had a rig for nine metres down the edge to my right, but only set it up after an hour when I saw a few fish moving about down there,” he explained. “After an hour I only had a few liners, so went on the pole with single corn and caught big carp straight away.

“I had four in four chucks on the long pole then refed it as it went quiet. I then went down the edge. Here I fed Swimstim groundbait with a few micros and a few grains of corn over it with a catapult.

“The float flew under with a great big carp. I ended up with about 20 carp for 226lb. Half at 13 metres and half down the edge, fishing about 5ft from the bank. An awesome red letter day!”

Grant’s huge weight was 181lb clear of second-placed Jamie Harrison’s 45lb and possibly the largest catch ever recorded in February from Larford Lakes.

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Grant Albutt’s Silverfish Workout

pf-plus-grant-albuttMatch ace Grant Albutt stars in Issue 15 of the Pole Fishing Plus video magazine.

The expert angler tackles the beautiful Shatterford Lakes in Worcestershire, where he shows you how to catch big weights of roach, skimmers and perch using simple pole tactics. Grant discusses where to fish, what baits to use and what groundbait you need as he puts together an impressive net of fish.

The 45-minute video and 29-page e-mag from the day is available to download at

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Latest Video: Winter Feeding Tricks

In our latest short video, commercial fishery ace Grant Albutt passes on some sound advice to keep you catching in the cold. 


His first tip is all about feeding and the difference between making some noise or sneaking in the bait. The next time you are out on the bank, try these contrasting approaches and see which works best on the day.

Watch the video >>

Many thanks to Gwinear Camping & Fishing in Cornwall. Visit to learn more about this great venue.

Venue: Gwinear Camping & Fishing
Location: Gwinear Farm, Cubert, Newquay, Cornwall
Postcode: TR8 5JX
Telephone: 01637 830172
Gwinear Angling Tackle Shop: 07519 389826

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Team Drennan Top At Alders Farm

Team Drennan topped the inaugural Joseph James Law event at Alders Farm yesterday with an excellent 53 points out of a possible 60.

Team Drennan: (from left) Jon Arthur, Dan Varney, Grant Albutt, Colin Spencer, Joe Roberts.

Team Drennan: (from left) Jon Arthur, Dan Varney, Grant Albutt, Colin Spencer, Joe Roberts.

This 12 teams of five contest was spread across Ash, Pines and the Specimen Lake at the prolific venue at Brickhill, near Milton Keynes.

Drennan’s talented quintet consisted of Grant Albutt, Joe Roberts, Jon Arthur, Dan Varney and Colin Spencer. Between them they managed two 1sts, two 2nds and a 6th place to take the £1,000 winner’s cheque kindly donated by sponsors Joseph James Law. Team Garbolino finished 2nd with 50 points and Preston Innovations were 3rd.

Team Drennan also had two lake winners as Dan won Specimen Lake with 48lb 12oz and Colin won the match outright with an impressive 249lb 11oz from peg 3 on Ash. He used his favourite paste tactics over small amounts of micro pellets, starting on a top four and then chasing them further out later in the day.

Catering and refreshments were also generously included and as the event was such a resounding success Joseph James Law and Alders Farm have vowed to run it again next year.

Visit to learn more about this unique venue.

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Six New Videos Starring Grant Albutt

Our latest tip-packed video series stars Grant Albutt at Todber Manor Fishery.


Grant demonstrates how he tackles Todber Manor Fishery, a venue that he had never seen before, and passes on some sound advice on bait and feeding. The six short films are now in our Videos section and can also be accessed via our YouTube Channel.

Learn more about Todber Manor Fishery.

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