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All Set For The World Club Feeder Champs

Drennan Barnsley have been practicing hard in Spain for the inaugural World Feeder Championship For Clubs.


James Dent leans into a Spanish carp.

James Dent leans into a Spanish carp.

The talented team that will be competing in Spain over the weekend consists of Alan Scotthorne, Lee Kerry, Andy Power, Eddie Brydon and James Dent. A number of key squad members are also involved, including Gavin Leversidge, captain Glenn Lawrence and England legend Denis White. Gavin has very kindly sent us the following report, live from the bank:

We qualified at the back end of last year for the very first World Feeder Championships for Clubs along with Preston Telford. The tackle and four of the team left early last Friday for the 1,400-mile journey to the venue, which is a river called the Rio Júcar (or Xúquer in Spanish) in the town of Fortelany, about half an hour south of Valencia.


Alan Scotthorne in action.

The venue varies massively. Starting at A Section it’s very rocky on the near and far bank as well as overhanging trees all the way down. This area is 25 metres wide, so it flows a bit more than the rest of the river and is the better of the sections. Andy Power was best in practice from this area on Thursday with nearly 30kg, but all of the others caught as well.

The four days of official practice kicked off on Tuesday with Drennan Barnsley in D Section. This was the same as before with rocks on either bank, but 55 metres wide. We all expected it to be a lot better, but we had a major shock as the river had been in flood big style, with at least 2 metres of extra water! The water was freezing as well! The session was horrific as we managed only a handful of carp, some carassio, sunfish and eels.

We feared the worst the following day when we were in B section. By then, however, the water had miraculously warmed overnight and the colour dropped out. Some early carp got our hopes up, but the middle was very hard! Big Alan even managed a terrapin, which the venue seems to be full of!


Drennan Barnsley in practice.

We managed a few more fish towards the end of the session, so we finally had something to work on. A good session on Thursday has also lifted our spirits.

The whole venue is very peggy, so some areas are much harder than others. One big thing to also mention is the power of these fish. I have never seen and felt fish so powerful, ever! You can get broke on 0.25mm hooklengths! The rocks are proving a massive problem, too, with fish lost due to them rubbing on the rocks or getting snagged.

Yesterday was also the official parade and ceremony in the evening, which was an absolutely fantastic turnout from the locals clapping us all the way round.

Today is the last day of practice and hopefully we can get a bit of a plan together.

Good luck Drennan Barnsley!

Pictures courtesy of Gavin Leversidge and also our Spanish friends at Drennan HTF España who are the sponsors of one of the World Championship sections.

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Barnsley Win The Sensas Challenge

Drennan Barnsley topped the 2017 Sensas Challenge Final at the weekend after an ultra-tight finish.


Drennan Barnsley B: (from left) Frankie Gianoncelli, Glenn Lawrence, Gavin Leversidge, Sam Wildsmith and Oliver Scotthorne.

The Gloucester Canal played host to this prestigious teams-of-five event which saw 32 teams involved over two days. The event is fished to international rules and attracts teams from across the UK plus international squads from France , Scotland, Wales , Ireland and the Channel Islands.

It was a closely fought event with just two points separating the top four teams.
Drennan Barnsley B team sneaked home with 29.5 points. Their talented team consisted of Oliver Scotthorne, Glenn Lawrence, Sam Wildsmith, Gavin Leversidge and Frankie Gianoncelli.


Oliver Scotthorne.

A single point behind were Daiwa Dorking, with France’s Sensas 28 and Sensas Starlets A completing the top four.

Individually it was also close with Mickelle Brossier (Team Florentine France) and Frankie Gianoncelli (Drennan Barnsley) both scoring  a perfect two points. France took the verdict with 12.56kg to 5.76kg.

The next four anglers all tied on three points with John Freeborn (Sensas North) taking the bronze medal with a 7.99kg weight advantage.

The best weight of the weekend came from Welsh international Ian Leach who took an impressive 18.64kg of bream on Day Two from the Castle Stretch.


  • 1st Drennan Barnsley Blacks B, 29.5 points
  • 2nd Daiwa Dorking, 30.5
  • 3rd Sensas 28 A, 31
  • 4th Sensas Starlets A, 32
  • 5th Sensas 28 B, 36
  • 6th Drennan Barnsley A, 37.5
  • 7th Team Wales, 44.5
  • 8th Sensas Starlets B, 45.5pts
  • 9th Sensas North, 47
  • 10th Drennan Oxford, 47.5


  • 1st Mickelle Brossier (Team Florentine France) 2 points (12.56kg)
  • 2nd Frankie Gianoncelli (Drennan Barnsley B) 2 (5.76kg)
  • 3rd John Freeborn (Sensas North) 3  (7.99kg)
  • 4th Des Shipp (Daiwa Dorking) 3 (5.45kg)
  • 5th Oliver Scotthorne (Drennan Barnsley B) 3 (4.72kg)
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Barnsley Win The Winter League Final

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won the Angling Trust Winter League Final with Drennan Oxford earning a well deserved third. 

Winter League Champions, Drennan Barnsley Blacks.

This huge event saw 34 teams of 10 competing on the Fenland Drains and Decoy Lakes. With five anglers from each team split between a natural venue and a commercial fishery it proved a great test of their all-round skills. Drennan Barnsley showed their class by winning the event with just penalty 41 points. This included section wins from Alan Scotthorne, Simon Fields, Dave Brooks and overall match winner Andy Geldart.


Third placed Drennan Oxford

Drennan Oxford put a lot of time and effort on both venues and thoroughly deserved a place on the podium behind runners up Starlets. Mick Denton put in a captain’s innings to win his section at Decoy Lakes and helped his team to 54 points, well ahead of fourth placed Devizes Match Group.

Andy Geldart was top at Decoy with a huge 87.2kg from highly fancied peg 6 on Lou’s Lake, while the top three all had 15kg on the Drains, lead by Shaun Bryan’s 15.35kg. It turned out to be an excellent event, well run and with plenty of fish caught, despite the 20mph winds!


Result (34 teams of 10)

  • 1st Drennan Barnsley 41 points
  • 2nd Starlets 44 points
  • 3rd Drennan Oxford 54 points
  • 4th Devizes MG 67 points
  • 5th Preston Thatchers 69 points
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Scotthorne Wins Wychavon Championship

Congratulations to Alan Scotthorne for winning the Evesham Festival Wychavon Championship… again! 

alan-breamalan-in-action-3Alan drew peg 46 on the famous White House Bend and caught bream and skimmers on the pole with bloodworm and pinkies over groundbait. This was in fact the same peg on the River Avon where he won from back in 2012. Conditions were also very similar, with extra rain giving some much needed colour and pace to the river.

It was good to see two more Drennan anglers in the main frame in the shape of Wayne Swinscoe and Darren Davies. Wayne was two pegs away from Alan and caught a mixture of roach and good skimmers for 14lb 7oz. Darren had a quality net of roach boosted by a bonus bream from peg 25.

The previous day was the Hobgoblin Individual Championship and once again Alan Scotthorne was on the winner’s podium. On a much clearer and more difficult river, his 7lb  12oz was enough for 3rd overall. Fellow Drennan Team England squad member Callum Dicks won the match from end peg 73 with 10lb 12oz.

Bank Holiday Monday saw 14 teams of five competing for the Match Fishing Team Championship and it was Daiwa Dorking who stole the show off a highly fancied draw with a runaway 61 points. Drennan Barnsley Blacks were 2nd on weight over Matrix Image with 43 points. Drennan Oxford were just a single point behind and finished in equal 4th spot on weight with Matrix Trentmen.

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Drennan Stars At The Evesham Festival

The Evesham Festival takes place this August Bank Holiday weekend with top Drennan anglers fishing on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday events.


This popular river competition is held each year in Evesham, Worcestershire, and is the largest outdoor coarse fishing event of its kind. Spectators have a great opportunity to watch some of the very best anglers in the country in action, including Alan Scotthorne, Dean Barlow, Steve Hemmingray, Wayne Swinscoe, Jon Arthur, Simon Willsmore and Darren Davies.

The Monday team event always draws large crowds and this year Drennan Oxford and Drennan Leicester have both qualified amongst the 14 teams. They will line up alongside the newly crowned National Champions, Drennan Barnsley Blacks!

On the Saturday, the reigning Wychavon Champion Dean Barlow is also being filmed for Match Fishing Live and spectators may have the chance to get actively involved with this.

The festival takes place August 27th, 28th and 29th and offers a great day out for anglers and non anglers alike, with a tented village, fun fair, craft tent, refreshments and other attractions for all the family.

Learn more about the Evesham Festival.

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Two Great Results On The River

Alan Scotthorne is really enjoying his river fishing at the moment – especially after two great recent performances on the River Thames and the River Trent. 


Having got through to the last 30 anglers for Match Fishing magazine’s Drennan Knockout Cup, I felt it was important to go for a practice on the Thames at Culham and Abingdon, which was to hold this Round 3 qualifier. With five anglers progressing to the next round from each 10-peg section, I felt that a method that was ‘safe’ was my best option if I wanted to guarantee getting through.

I caught lots of roach and could also catch bleak on a whip line, fished up to five metres out, plus I had a roach a chuck over groundbait on a long pole swim. That gave me three ways I might catch enough to get through to the next round. Having caught close to 20lb and consensus of opinion being that 14lb would do the job this was my train of thought for the next day match.

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National Champions!

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have been crowned Division 1 National Champions after an amazing team performance on the River Trent.


div1-result-2106The team lived up to being pre-match favourites and topped the event on a wind-lashed river which saw 44 teams of 10 involved. A great result from a massively talented team!


  • 1st Barnsley Blacks 380pts
  • 2nd Lincoln & District 367pts
  • 3rd Scunthorpe Tackle 345pts
  • 4th Daiwa Dorking 341pts
  • 5th Derbyshire Angling Fed 326pts


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A Record-Breaking Catch With Crystal Dibbers

Joe Carass has broken the venue record on his first ever visit to Lower Park Fishery! Here’s how the angling journalist and talented Drennan Barnsley Blacks ace did it. 


Just part of Joe Carass’ record-breaking haul!

I recently got wind of a new venue that anglers have been raving about. That venue is Lower Park Fishery in Redditch, just off the M42 at Junction 2. It’s a great place with nine lakes, and while the venue is in its infancy, it has immense potential.

The match I chose to fish was a Saturday open held on Highland and Pebble pools. Both are open water style lakes with a decent depth of about six feet. The main species are F1s but there are also plenty of ide, barbel and carp to keep things interesting.


Joe loves the tangle-proof design of the In-Line Crystal Dibber.

Having drawn on Highland, Peg 5 to be precise, I set about planning my match. I had been told that fishing shallow was the way to go so I prepared five shallow rigs all featuring Drennan’s superb In-Line Crystal Dibbers. The 0.2g is my preferred size and I actually put just one shot down the line and the rest of the shot directly under the float. I love these floats, as they are so difficult to tangle!

Joe-Carass-Inline-Dibber-RigThe reason for so many rigs? I find that you have to chase the fish up and down in the water as the fish move about often. I also find it imperative to have just three inches of line between the pole tip and float, so rather than have a longer rig and moving the float up and down, I set several rigs up at different depths to importantly keep that short line.

Joe favours a lasso for fishing with hard pellets.

Joe favours a lasso for hard pellets.

On the day I set up rigs between 10 inches deep and three feet. These rigs were on 0.17mm main line to a 0.10mm Drennan Fluorocarbon hooklength. I find the thicker main line helps stop tangles. The hooklength was just three inches long and featured a size 16 Kamasan B911 and a lasso just big enough to fit a 4mm hard pellet.

As the match began I decided to start short and work my way out. I also started on a top four on the bottom to allow me 20 minutes to feed and build up my main shallow line. While I only caught two fish on the bottom, I felt it was time well spent, as the fish had a bit longer to settle on the shallow swim.

Slop was the key to keeping the fish up in the water.

Slop was the key to keeping the fish up in the water.

My feed for the shallow line was a slop mix that had lots of 4mm pellets mixed within. The mix wasn’t too wet but could be thrown easily and still explode on the surface. I also loose fed some 4mms.

By the time I went shallow at eight metres, the swim was solid but interestingly the best depth was two feet rather than the shallower rigs that I expected to be best.

The day followed a simple path. Keep the slop feed accurate and as soon as bites slow, add a section and start again. The F1s were a real mix of sizes and they ranged from 5oz right up to 3lb. This was nice as many new venues seem to be stuffed with just small F1s, which can become a little boring! By the all-out the action had been relentless. I spent the last hour at 13 metres as the fish had backed off progressively through the day.

Joe's peg at Lower Park Fishery.

Joe’s peg at Lower Park Fishery.

When the scales came, Mark Malin had weighed 139lb – a new venue record that lasted for about three minutes! Kurtis Trantor then broke the record again with 166lb. When the scales got to me I was doubting I had anything like that, but several weighs later and my 174lb was enough to win the match and set a new record for the venue! A result I was over the moon with and I now can’t wait to get back to try and better it!

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Barnsley Win The Commercial National

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won the 2016 Commercial National today.


Drennan Barnsley Blacks, Commercial National Champions 2016.

The prestigious event saw 28 teams of 10 anglers from all over the country competing at Lindholme Lakes in South Yorkshire.

Drennan Barnsley went into the competition as one of the local favourites and lived up to their reputation with a hard-earned 193-point winning score. Every ounce was vital as Matrix Trentmen were just a point behind.

UPDATE: Drennan Leicester were originally read out in third place but for the second year running the Angling Trust made a mistake with the points in this event. These were rectified a couple of days later and it was eventually Drennan North West who were named as 3rd, with Leicester knocked back to 5th. Drennan Leicester still had the overall match winner with Sean Huggins catching 40kg of carp from Beeches Lake.

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Drennan Barnsley Rise To The Challenge

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won the Sensas Challenge Final for the second year running.


The Drennan Barnsley Blacks team of Alan Scotthorne, James Dent, Andy Power, Lee Kerry and Matt Godfrey with Jean Desque and Mark Downes from Sensas. Picture courtesy of Pole Fishing magazine.

This annual two-day event saw 30 teams of five competing to international rules, including teams from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Channel Islands and France. It is a float-only competition with a 13m pole limit and bloodworm and joker allowed. This year’s event was held on the Gloucester Canal and with heavy rain leading up to the weekend it meant the canal fished quite difficult for most of the field.

Drennan Barnsley’s talented team of five consisted of Alan Scotthorne, Matt Godfrey, Lee Kerry, James Dent and Andy Power. Expecting weights to be low they made the tactical decision to target bleak from the off in a number of sections rather than the usual roach and skimmers. That really paid off on Day One, as they managed just 13 penalty points to take an early lead. A similar effort on Day Two saw them score 16 points and a runaway 29-point total. That was more than enough to retain the trophy they did so well to win in 2015.


Alan Scotthorne’s section winning catch on Day Two.

“The fishing has been hard but also quite technical and we’ve thankfully managed to do the right things in the right areas,” explained Alan Scotthorne, who scored a very convincing section win on Day Two. “There were very few roach to be caught so the plan was to target either bleak shallow or skimmers on the deck, depending on where you drew. Unlike many teams who fed predominantly leam, we also felt that a bit of groundbait helped to draw a few skimmers in the heavily coloured water.”

The top three teams now qualify for a lucrative Grand Final held in France later in the year.


  • 1st Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 29pts
  • 2nd Sensas 28, 49.5pts
  • 3rd Sensas Ireland, 55pts
  • 4th Kamasan Starlets A, 57pts


  • 1st Conor Browne (Sensas Ireland) 2pts
  • 2nd Rob Hewison (Sensas Mark One) 3pts
  • 3rd Matt Godfrey (Drennan Barnsley) 4pts
  • 4th Rich Tomala (RAF) 4pts
  • 5th James Dent (Drennan Barnsley) 5pts
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