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Drennan Spring Festival – Day 3

After scoring his third consecutive lake win, Simon Gale has the wind in his sails and looks to be odds-on favourite to win the Drennan Spring Festival at Messingham Sands.

messingham-spring-fest-3While the conditions have been best described as wintry, with another prolonged hail storm today, the fishing remains red hot. Simon drew peg 8 on the Islands Lake where he fished pole in the margins with 11mm pellet to land some cracking carp for a 92lb lake win.


Simon Gale.

Overall match winner on the day was Jack Turner who drew peg 4 on the Swan Pond for the second time in his rotation. He improved on his first day total of 126lb by fishing 8mm pellet on both the bomb and the pole. Despite a fishless first two hours, he went on to catch 30 carp for a 168lb total.

The silverfish are also still feeding well and worth catching as second-placed Kevin Johnson’s 96lb mixed bag shows. That consisted of skimmers, perch and roach from peg 8 on the Swan Pond.

Day 3 Result:

  • 1st Jack Turner, Scunthorpe 168-06
  • 2nd Kevin Johnson, Messingham 96-09
  • 3rd Simon Gale, Grimsby 92-00
  • 4th Steve Ellis, Scunthorpe 78-02

Top 10 after three matches:

  • 1st Simon Gale 3
  • 2nd Kevin Johnson 6
  • 3rd Jack Turner 9
  • 4th Steve Ellis 12
  • 5th Mark Lidgard 13
  • 6th Andy Bailey 13
  • 7th Don Hudson 14
  • 8th Sean Holbroke 14
  • 9th Geoff Wilde 15
  • 10th Steve Bingham 16
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Drennan Spring Festival – Day 1

Day One of the Drennan Spring Festival at Messingham Sands got off to a great start, with 11 anglers recording over 100lb from the Swan Pond and Islands Lakes!

messingham-spring-fest-1Although carp dominated most of the weights, it was an all-silverfish catch from peg 37 on the Swan Pond that led the way. This consisted of 245 roach, skimmers and perch caught on maggots, pellets and corn for a total of 127lb 8oz. This was just 1oz ahead of second placed man Simon Gale who was drawn on peg 2 on the Islands Lake!

Jack Turner was very close behind in third place with 126lb from peg 4 on the Swan Pond and Jamie Wilde completed the top 4 with 122lb from peg 31 on Islands.

Day 1 Result:

  • 1st Kevin Johnson, Messingham 127-08
  • 2nd Simon Gale, Grimsby 127-07
  • 3rd Jack Turner, Scunthorpe 126-03
  • 4th Jamie Wild, Barnsley 122-09
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White Acres Drennan Junior & Intermediate Festival

The Drennan Junior & Intermediate Festival was once again held at the prolific White Acres Holiday Park in Cornwall with up and coming youngsters catching plenty of fish and showcasing their skills.

The Junior Event

Will McCranor is this year's White Acres Junior Champion.

Will McCranor is this year’s White Acres Junior Champion.

A Section was very close on Day One with Ethan Etherington weighing 45lb from peg 17, just ahead of Aaron Brotton’s 35lb 6oz from peg 15. B section was won by Will McCranor from peg 19 with an excellent 57lb 10oz and second in the section went to Ryan Kennison with 24lb.

They then moved to Acorn Lake for the two-day event. Jake Pope was top weight in A Section with a hard-earned 54lb 4oz from peg 3, with Ethan Etherington on 47lb 2oz from peg 5. Match winner was Will McCranor with 91lb of carp and F1s, caught mostly on the feeder and on the pole down the margins. That helped to secure him the overall result with 8 points and an excellent 148lb 9oz total.

Junior Result

  • 1st Will McCranor, 8pts 148lb 9oz
  • 2nd Ethan Etherington, 7pts 92lb 2oz
  • 3rd Jake Pope, 6pts 76lb 11oz
  • 4th Ben Paul, 5pts 84lb
  • 5th Billy Pitman, 4pts 69lb 6oz
  • 6th Ryan Kennison, 4pts 48lb 4oz
  • 7th Aaron Brotton, 4pts 45lb 2oz
  • 8th Freddie Bacon, 3pts 52lb

The Intermediates Event

Ben Pope is this year's Intermediate Champion.

Ben Pope is this year’s White Acres Intermediate Champion.

Ben Pope was top weight on Day One of the Intermediates with an excellent 80lb 8oz from peg 8 on Jennys, catching mostly with pellets shallow on the long pole. Second was Jake Nightingale with 61lb 8oz from peg 9.

Canal was their destination on the second day and this time it was Jake’s turn to shine with a 47lb 10oz winning weight from peg 16, just ahead of Ben Pope’s 43lb 6oz from peg 19.

On the all-important third and final day they moved to Acorn Lake. Another nail-biting weigh in saw Brad Proctor just in front with 68lb 12oz from peg 16, with Ben Pope just behind on 67lb 14oz. Fortunately for Ben he had still done enough to secure the overall victory, finishing with 13 points and a fine 191lb 12oz total.

Intermediates Result

  • 1st Ben Pope, 13pts 191lb 12oz
  • 2nd Jake Nightingale, 11pts 150lb 8oz
  • 3rd Aidan Williams, 9pts 139lb 14oz
  • 4th Brad Proctor, 9pts 130lb 4oz
  • 5th Rebekah Thompson, 3pts 62lb

Thanks to the White Acres fishery team and congratulations to everyone who took part!

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Everitt Wins Lake John Festival

Bill Everitt is this year’s Lake John Drennan Festival winner after scoring a perfect two section wins at the prolific Essex venue. 


The top four: (From left) Runner up Chris Vandervleit, winner Bill Everitt, 3rd place Simon Willsmore and 4th place John Weedon.

A popular winner, local expert Bill managed a section winning 96lb 12oz on Day One from peg 37 (nearly doubling fishery manager Colin Bartlett off the next peg!) and followed that up with another section win on Day Two, this time with 83lb from peg 36.

lake-john-festival-2017-chris-vlake-john-bill-everitt-2017Lake John’s famous head of quality skimmers dominated weights and Chris Vandervleit caught the biggest bag of the competition with 147lb 4oz from peg 30 on Day One. That helped him to second overall on weight count back, after tying with Simon Willsmore and John Weedon on points.

Lake John Fishery manager Colin Bartlett commented: “A big thanks from me personally to everyone that took part. Really enjoyed the company, the fishing and of course the banter. The England Disabled team are also £280 better off because of everyone that took part. Well done lads!”


  • 1st Bill Everitt (Redbridge, Lake John) 14 points (179lb 12oz)
  • 2nd Chris Vandervleit (Drennan, Bait-Tech) 13 points (218lb 4oz)
  • 3rd Simon Willsmore (Rive, Spotted Fin) 13 points (189lb 8oz)
  • 4th John Weedon (Image) 13 points (152lb 4oz)
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Grant Albutt Bags 98lb and 99lb Catfish

Match ace Grant Albutt had a nice surprise after slipping the net under 98lb and 99lb albino cats during a specimen hunting session in France.


Grant was hoping to target specimen carp during a trip to Domain de Goncourt, but it was the lake’s catfish population that stole the show:

“I had an amazing week. Not many carp for me – the biggest being 32lb – and it’s been so frustrating as I’ve been smashed up by catfish all week. I just couldn’t manage to get one even close to the bank. I finally had one at 55lb. Then, just after dark, I’ve had a run and played a fish for 25 minutes and seen this enormous creature come up 25 yards out! The fight on these fish is something else. This fish weighed in at 98lb. A fish of a lifetime!

“I had it on four Dynamite halibut pellets fished over a bed of high oil trout pellets on a size 5 ESP Cryogen Gripper hook.

grant-catfish-2“On the last day, at 1.30am, I was again woken up by my rod screaming off. I thought it was a big common until I saw its tail. It was another albino! At first I thought it was the same fish, but it weighed a pound more at 99lb. We’ve looked closely at the pictures and it’s definitely a different one. I’m absolutely over the moon to catch one, but two is amazing!

“Thanks to Steve Cole and Max White for all your advice, help and tackle, plus Paul McRae and Andy who I took over. Great times!”

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North West Are Heronbrook Champs Again

Well done to Drennan North West Gold on winning the Heronbrook Spring League for the third consecutive year!


Image courtesy of Heronbrook Fisheries

This highly competitive league saw 29 teams competing over six rounds at the Staffordshire venue. Drennan North West’s winning team included Stuart Conroy, Steve Conroy, Matty Dawes, Robbie Griffiths and Richard O’Connor (four out of these five anglers fished each round).

Drennan North West Gold finished second on the all-important sixth and final round, securing them a hard-earned title. The team’s Silver and Aqua squads also made the final frame, which is a brilliant feat considering the strength of the field.

Drennan North West would like to thank fishery manager Neil Dale and everyone else at Heronbrook Fisheries for organising a fantastic league.

League Result

  • 1st Drennan North West Gold, 205 points
  • 2nd Tri-cast Guru, 233
  • 3rd Dynamite Maver Midlands Bagem, 254
  • 4th Maver Gold Dynamite Oak, 281
  • 5th Nathans Tackle, 287
  • 6th Drennan North West Aqua, 292
  • 7th Drennan North West Silver, 294
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The Carp 6 Close Up

Take a closer look at the Carp 6 pole float in our latest film. 


We talk you through all the key features of this expertly designed and engineered float. The Carp 6 is an extremely versatile pattern that deserves a place in every pole angler’s tackle box. Filmed with Jon Arthur at the excellent Bishops Bowl Fishery in Warwickshire.

Watch the video >>

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Amazing Session With Latest Rigs

We had a stunning session with Dean Barlow yesterday, putting the latest Drennan Carp Pole Rigs to the test.


dean-rolfs-1Few places can match Rolf’s Lake for tackle testing and yesterday was yet another exceptional day. This famous venue holds a terrific head of carp – which run well into double figures – and they pull back a bit!

Despite catching well over 150lb of carp (the biggest we weighed went 14lb 14oz) the two rigs Dean selected lasted the entire session. After a full day’s bagging, we can honestly say he never broke a single rig. Even the hooklengths were still in great condition. Dean set up a Carp 2 Pole Rig for open water and a Carp 4 Pole Rig for the margins. Both rigs went safely back on their winders afterwards, ready to do battle again!

Many thanks to John Bennett at Rolf’s Lake for his hospitality. Watch this space for an in-depth feature from the session, demonstrating how to get the best from Drennan Carp Pole Rigs.

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The 9ft Mini Carp Feeder In Action

Grant Albutt gives the Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder a great workout in our latest video.


The commercial ace has an enjoyable session at Woodland View Fishery near Droitwich, Worcestershire, and puts together a tidy net of carp and F1s with the latest Red Range 9ft Mini Carp Feeder.

Watch the video >>

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Double Ton For Flint

Anthony Flint won the latest Rolf’s Lake open match with an impressive 212lb catch.


Match winner Anthony (catch not from Rolf’s Lake).

The Drennan Bordon man made no mistakes from fancied peg 8 at the unique Oxfordshire venue for a terrific double ton.

“I decided to go to Rolf’s for a bit practice before a festival there in two weeks time,” he explained. “They pegged it all around lake to spread out the fish and it’s fished the best for a long time with 50lb the lowest weight. I’ve drawn flyer peg 8 and with peg 32 not in I was confident of catching across to the far bank.

“I fished at six metres at the start for two big carp and then over the next 45 minutes I had five bream at 14m to the left of my peg. I then fished 16m across to the far bank to end with 28 carp and 7 bream, all on pellet.

“For down the edge and long I’ve used Drennan Margin Crystal floats, which are awesome for munters!”


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