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Italy Crowned Champions Of Europe

Italy win European team and individual gold on home soil! Belgium take the silver medal and Hungary bronze. 


Italy made few mistakes on the Bianco Canal to be crowned worthy champions with 56 penalty points. The home nation had double cause to celebrate with Giuliano Prandi claiming the individual gold medal as the only angler with a perfect two-point score.

Belgium filled second place and also had individual silver and bronze medals with Luc Thijs and Bart De Cree on four and five points respectively. 

Drennan Team England fared better on Day Two to finish 10th overall with William Raison the best performer in individual 8th place.

Congratulations to Italy, the new European Champions!

England Day One

  • A Section – Matt Godfrey, 11 points (5.97kg)
  • B Section – James Dent, 8.5 points (4.275kg)
  • C Section – William Raison, 5 points (6.699kg)
  • D Section – Alan Scotthorne, 15 points (4.06kg)
  • E Section – Matt Derry, 23 points (0.884kg)

England Day Two

  • A Section – James Dent, 12.5 points (3.69kg)
  • B Section – Callum Dicks, 15 points (2.05kg)
  • C Section – Matt Godfrey, 17 points (2.872kg)
  • D Section – William Raison, 3 points (9.17kg)
  • E Section – Alan Scotthorne, 6 points (10.986kg)
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Good Luck Drennan Team England!

Team England are in Italy this weekend competing in the 23rd European Championship.



The teams-of-five event sees 24 nations competing over two days on the Bianco Canal at Rovigo, on the 20th and 21st of May. England will be hoping to go one better than last year’s event where they took a well-earned silver medal in Holland.

This year’s talented England squad is a mixture of youth and experience with Alan Scotthorne, William Raison, Callum Dicks, Matt Godfrey, Matt Derry and James Dent involved. James is the only angler without senior World or European experience and earns his call up after impressive performances in the past two Home Internationals. Team manager Mark Downes is also assisted by Steve Sanders this year, following Mark Addy’s retirement.

The match length is a 2km long section of the tidal Bianca Canal.

The match length is a 2km long section of the tidal Bianca Canal.

This year’s venue is in the north east of Italy, around 50km from Venice. It’s a large navigable canal averaging 90m wide and 4m deep. Being just 15km from the sea with no sluices it is also subject to tidal variations which can see the flow change direction and the levels rise and fall by up to a metre.

The key species will be bream and skimmers up to 2kg, but other possible species include carassio, mullet, catfish and bleak. Pole fishing over an initial bombardment of heavy groundbait is likely to be the dominant tactic, with large lollipop-style flat floats as large as 25g to 30g playing a major role when the canal flows.

The two four-hour matches will be fished to international rules in this float-only event. This includes strict bait limits, a 10-minute pre-baiting period and a 13m pole limit.

Despite last year’s resounding victory, Wales will sadly not be defending their crown as European Champions. Financial difficulties mean they have chosen to focus their attentions on the World Championship held in Belgium later on in the year.

Good luck to all of the competitors. The Italians are red-hot favourites and will be extremely difficult to beat on home soil, but we know Drennan Team England will be doing their very best to get on the podium!


The Drennan Team England squad for the 2017 European Championship consists of: (top row from left) Alan Scotthorne, James Dent, William Raison, (bottom row from left) Matt Derry, Callum Dicks and Matt Godfrey.

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Drennan Hooks For Triggerfish

Italy’s Mario Tomatis has been successfully using Drennan hooks for unusual species, as this impressive grey triggerfish shows!


“I finally caught it in Liguria, Italy, after three days of hunting because the fish are very cunning!” he explained. I used your size 6 Wide Gape Specialist hooks with 12lb Series 7 line. Very good hooks and very strong for the beak of the fish!”

Follow Mario’s angling exploits in his walking on the riverside blog.

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Hemingray Tops World Rankings

Drennan Team England ace Steve Hemingray is currently ranked No1 in the world according to the Italian Fishing TV website.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of


Steve topped Day 2 of the 2016 World Champs in Bulgaria with this 8.96kg catch on the waggler.

The result is based on international performances over the past five World Championships, with each angler needing to have fished six or more of the 10 match days. Steve, who was also crowned European Champion in 2009, won an individual silver medal in the 2013 World Champs in Poland and also won Day 2 of the 2016 World Champs last year in Bulgaria.

With credentials like this it is perhaps no surprise that he leads the field with 2.83 points. This places him ahead of French stalwart Stephane Pottelet on 3.11 points and the Czech Republic’s rising star Ondra Pokorný on 3.17 points.

As expected, other members of the hugely talented Team England squad are right up there too, with Alan Scotthorne 10th, William Raison 13th and Sean Ashby 19th.

You can read the full story (in Italian) on the website.

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Pellet Waggler Fishing In Italy

For those fortunate enough to be able to read Italian, there is a really nice article on fishing the pellet waggler on the website.


Our precision-made Shorty Pellet Wagglers are put to the test at the Paco Nord (North Quarry) at Paderno Dugnano in the heart of Milan. This style of fishing is quite new to Italy but we can see it becoming really popular for unlocking the country’s excellent carp sport.

Visit the website.

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Siberian Sturgeon On The Feeder

Drennan fan Mario Tomatis from Italy has had a memorable day catching some impressive Siberian sturgeon.


“It was a nice surprise catching these fish in the wild,” he commented. “As always, I released the fish, especially in this case because they are a species at risk of extinction!”

blockend-feeder-heavyMario used a 70g Drennan Oval Blockend Feeder with maggots on a size 10 hook to catch the prehistoric fish.

Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) can often live up to 60 years and the largest recorded specimen to date weighed 210kg.

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Vezzalini Crowned Italian Feeder Champion

Massimo Vezzalini has won the Italian Feeder Championship after a tense match on the Fissero Canal, as our Italian correspondent, Matteo Maggi, reports.

italy-indiv-feeder1The Final of the Italian Feeder Championship could perhaps not be described as a beautiful match from a technical point of view. For four and a half hours of the competition, 85% of the competitors had caught very little. Just one little skimmer or a few little ruffe was all a number of people had to show.

The last half an hour was better, however, and proved really decisive with some anglers catching five, six or seven fish to turn their fortunes around.

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The Italian Feeder Champs

Italian corespondent, Matteo Maggi, reports back from the Italian Feeder Club Championship.


The River Mincio, Italy.

If 2013 could be considered a year of transition for the feeder fishing scene in Italy, 2014 was the year of true validation for this technique. The Italian Feeder Championship comprised four big matches where the real values were put on the table. It began in Ostellato in April and ended with the finals on the wonderful River Mincio in Peschiera del Garda at the end of October.


Lenza Emiliana Tubertini, champions 2014.

Lenza Emiliana Tubertini were ultimately crowned the 2014 Italian Club Feeder Champions. This is a talented club that decided to aim high on the match feeder scene since its beginning. The club was lying second after two good matches in Ostellato and prepared meticulously for the final two rounds on the Mincio. They started to get a feel for the competition venue two months before the event, studying area by area and peg to peg, fishing in different conditions of flow. This work paid off with two matches fished to perfection!

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Italian Trout On Float Tackle

mario-trout1Mario Tomatis has had a great float fishing session for trout at Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy.

“I have caught a series of rainbow and brown trout, plus perch, from the mouth of a creek on Lake Como,” he tells us. “The fishing action was held from 4am to 11am. The catch, as always, was released.”

mario-trout2“An 8g (5 Swan) Drennan Loafer was essential for the strong current and the bait used was one of my favourites; the moth waxworm! The hook was a spade end Carbon Feeder size 8. The size of hook may seem big, but the fish were very greedy!”

At 146 square kilometres, Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in the whole of Europe.

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