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Big Orfe Brightens Paul’s Day

Specialist angler Paul Elt made a 5-hour round trip to fish for golden orfe and was rewarded for his efforts with a stunning fish of 5lb 8oz. 

paul-elt-orfeHe arrived at the lake to find it empty, but with a strong north westerly wind blowing down the lake.

“I began on the float but presentation was very tricky. I had a few small tench, but by lunch with the odd fish rolling at range, I switched to my 12ft 1.75 Specialist Avon/Quiver and Oval Groundbait Feeder, incorporating a helicopter rig with a size 14 Wide Gape Barbless hook. To start I made half a dozen casts with this feeder to put down an initial bed of Green Swim Stim groundbait with a scattering of maggots.

“It was around an hour later before the first fish made a mistake. At 5lb 8oz I was more than happy! Another two orfe to just over 4lb were landed shortly after with a couple of tench, before a good fish managed to slip the hook at the net.”

“The trip was well worth it, and what they lack in the fight, they more than make up in appearance!”

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Drennan Silverfish League Round 10

The top five all needed over 20lb of fish in the 10th round of the Drennan Silverfish League at Rycroft Fisheries.


Runner up, John Eccles.

Sean Ashby consolidated his position at the top of the league with another class performance. The former World Champion drew peg 28 on Donno Lake and struggled on the long pole for the first 90 minutes before switching to a 5m line and an edge line down the rushes. Loose feeding casters with light, strung-out rigs he put together a nice net of quality roach and the odd good skimmer for a winning 30lb 14oz.

John Eccles is Sean’s main challenger and kept up the pressure with the runner-up spot. He drew peg 3 on Carp Lake and caught a nice bag of skimmers on the long pole with dead maggots over groundbait for 28lb 9oz off.

In the league standings, Sean is still in front with 142lb 15oz, but John is not far behind on 125lb 9oz. With Sean having to miss the last match, John still has a chance to overtake him and win the league.

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Buckets, Beanies & Babies

Here’s a great picture from our Spanish friends that we had to share!


Spotted on the Drennan HTF España Facebook page is this very novel way to show off our latest Drennan Buckets and Beanies!

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More Quality Perch For Chris Carlyle

chris-carlyle-perch-bagChris Carlyle has had an amazing winter targeting specimen perch on a local commercial fishery, as this latest catch highlights.

During his last session, the Snaith-based Yorkshireman managed to land eight impressive perch up to 2lb 15oz. All of the fish were tempted close in on lobworms over red maggots and bloodworm groundbait.

His ever faithful setup consisted of a Drennan Bobber float, 6lb Supplex line and a size 10 Specimen Plus hook.

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Len’s 7lb 5oz Thames Chub

Len Arbery caught this excellent chub weighing 7lb 5oz just over a week ago from the Thames. The former Drennan Cup winner and well respected big fish specialist explains how he caught it: 


After the weekend’s rain I was quite surprised to see the middle Thames in perfect chub fishing condition. That is, with a bottle-green colour and having little flow. My usual touch-legering tactics accounted for a 4lb 2oz chub after about an hour spent in the first swim. That was the only bite, so I moved farther downstream to large slack area.

After noticing a couple of ‘unhittable’ small indications on the quiver I changed tactics to a coil of silver-paper as a bite indicator. I then missed the first bite, but made no mistake with the second!

This hooked fish took quite some line off the clutch, more like a carp than a chub but, after a tremendous tussle, a chub it proved. And what a chub at 7lb 5oz! It was 23 inches long with a 16 inch girth.

I had two further bites here before ‘drawing stumps’ – one from a 3lber, the other a very pleasing specimen weighing 5lb 2oz.

My tackle included an original Drennan Bomb Rod, Drennan Feeder, a fixed-spool reel, loaded with Whiplash braid. A short link leger stopped 3ft from a size 6 T6 Raptor hook, completed the outfit. Bait was plain old-fashioned cheese paste.

This 7lb 5oz chub is my second biggest ever (the best being last season’s 7lb 8oz). It is also my second ‘seven’ this winter, which has also seen me land fish of 6lb 5oz and two 6lb 12oz specimens.

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Champ Lures 4lb 6oz Perch

Jamie Cartwright caught this immaculate 4lb 6oz perch from the Great Ouse on a lure last week. Here’s the former Drennan Cup Champion’s account of a memorable capture:


I arrived at the river bright and early on Sunday morning. The first thing I did was set up my lure rod in an attempt to track down a shoal of fish. I also had a bucket of lobworms and a couple of pint of red maggots with me as a back up in case I struggled with the lures, but I had been enjoying a rich run of form with the lures of late, so for now the lid would stay on the worm bucket.

I started casting my roach pattern Savage Gear 4 Play Shad all the way across to the far bank and began twitching it back along the bottom, trying to keep in contact with the lure at all times. To help with this, it’s crucial to use a jig head that is heavy enough to allow you to feel the lure hit bottom, but not too big so the lure behaves unnaturally.

In my third swim, I had an aggressive take as a clearly big fish made its mistake. I was beginning to think it was probably a pike, as it was feeling pretty heavy, although it didn’t seem to be darting about as pike tend to do. As it came up under the rod tip I was genuinely surprised by the size of the perch that appeared out of the gloom. I scooped up my prize and let out a huge sigh of relief, as I could see the lure clearly in the corner of the fish’s mouth during the latter stages of the fight and I was very nervous of the hook dropping out or snagging up in the rushes under the rod tip.

On the scales it weighed 4lb 6oz, which is my lure-caught personal best by exactly 1lb. It also fulfilled an ambition I’d set myself back in January, which was to catch a 4lb perch from the Great Ouse before the season was out. I followed that fish up with a few more perch weighing 3lb 1oz, 2lb 15oz, two 2lb 14oz and a 2lb 6oz, which certainly made it a day to remember. I just hope I can enjoy a few more days like that before the season ends.

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200lb Of Bream On The Yare

Michael Woods from Norfolk and his brother Kieran had a memorable night’s feeder fishing on the River Yare, catching an estimated 200lb of bream to 9lb. Here’s his account of a red letter day:


Following Storm Doris I heard the local rivers were high with surge non-salt tides pushing through colour on both the Yare and Waveney. Because of this I had a feeling one of my all time favourite river stretches on the Yare could be on good form.

I have a love and hate relationship with Thorpe Green as it’s a beautiful stretch of slow moving river in lovely surroundings but at the same time can be incredibly difficult with blanks commonplace and busy, being close to a road and popular with dog walkers and duck feeders! It’s pretty much all about the bream fishing, but only when colour pushes through. When it’s clear (as it usually is) you can get roach but they are not very plentiful or big fish.

I could see the river was not too dark but a perfect cloudy brown and a nice flow. I knew it was worth going for it during the evening.  The plan was to fish from 7pm onwards and attack the peg with one feeder line, putting in plenty of bait. Out went 10 XL cages full of groundbait, containing lots of casters, corn and chopped worm. I then fished two full worms and a dead red maggot on the hook.

An ounce feeder was holding bottom perfectly and the first 45 minutes was good with four decent bream in the net and Kieran had two. They were all proper bream over 5lb each, so I upped the feed to hold the shoal. From the second hour onwards the fishing was superb. The Bream kept coming and many were 6lb to 9lb+ fish! I lost count but must have had approximately 40 slabs and Kieran had at least 15.

With rain forecast in the early hours we decided to stop fishing by midnight. It was a shame as, although the tide was now ebbing, the fish were still feeding well and getting bigger! The fish all went back safely and we didn’t want to mess about weighing them, but estimated 200lb with the average size of fish. It will have to go down as one of those rare red letter days that keeps you coming back for more. It’s a pity we only have two weekends left of the river season now!

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4lb Perch Tops Haul

Northampton-based specialist angler Jamie Cartwright made the most of a short morning session on the River Ouse landing six perch up to 4lb on lures.


“I popped out with the lure rod for a couple of hours in the morning. I decided to visit a stretch of the River Ouse I had never done particularly well on for perch in the past. All previous attempts to fish it with my usual tactics had failed miserably. Mainly due to the pace of the water and the distance you are fishing at. So the lure seemed to be the obvious answer, particularly after the success I’ve enjoyed recently.

“In my third swim, my lure was hit on the first cast and a beautiful perch weighing 3lb 12oz came battling to the waiting net. The next 30-minutes of intense action saw me catch four others weighing 2lb 6oz, 2lb 14oz, 3lb 4oz, and another giant weighing 4lb exactly before the action dried up. I fished on through a few more swims with no further fish to show for my efforts. On my way back to the car I dropped back into the productive swim and managed to land a couple more perch including another nice perch of 2lb 3oz before getting off home for a bit of lunch. It just goes to show what can be caught in a short morning session,” Jamie added.

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Fourth ever pike weighs 37lb!

Ryan Craggs has only been pike fishing since Christmas yet already has this stunning 37lb 1oz pike to his name!


The 39 year old pipe layer from Durham caught the impressive fish at the famous Chew Valley Lake in Somerset. The fish came 40 minutes after moving to a new area of the lake and was tempted on a smelt positioned 60 yards from the bank at the bottom of a drop off.

He used a 3lb+ test curve E-Sox 12ft Piker Bait Rod with 20lb ESP Syncro XT line, 40lb E-Sox Super Trace Wire and barbless size 6 Extra Strong Trebles.

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3lb Perch From The Severn

Mark Doherty caught his best ever perch weighing in at 3lb 1oz from the Rivern Severn this week.


The Swindon-based angler and Drennan fan caught the specimen using a Combo Medium Feeder rod at its longest 12ft 6in length with two halves of a worm on a size 14 Super Specialist hook to a 4lb bottom. He also managed three chub and several dace during the productive session. Congratulations Mark!

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