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Maggot Feeder Tricks

Alan Scotthorne passes on some excel­lent tips for catching sil­ver­fish using Drennan Feederbombs in our latest video.


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Scotthorne’s Maggot Feeder Tricks

Alan Scotthorne shows you some really clever tips for catching more fish with a block-end swim­feeder approach in the latest Angling Times. 


Inside, he flexes his 10ft Ultralight Bomb at Hayton Lakes near Retford and com­bines it with our excel­lently designed Feederbombs. As always, it’s the clever tweaks and adjust­ments to his ter­minal tackle and feeding that is most important… but you’ll have to read the full art­icle in this week’s Angling Times to learn more!

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Feeding Lessons From France

Alan Scotthorne has just returned from a suc­cessful Sensas Festival fished at Châteaudun in France. Here’s his in-depth account and the all-important les­sons he learned.


I have always main­tained that it is so important while I am involved with Drennan Team England to keep fishing some continental-type matches through the year to keep up with the changes to this style of fishing. It’s very easy to fall into a false sense of security and think that nothing changes from year to year, but I am still learning vital les­sons and making small adjust­ments that can help once you are back on the big stage of the World Championships. That said, I also really do enjoy com­peting in these high standard matches and fishing against some of the top con­tin­ental anglers.

The annual Sensas Festival is run over two days with one match on a series of lakes at Châteaudun close to Chartres to the west of Paris and the other day on the nearby River Loir. The event is run on points, so a sec­tion win on each day would guar­antee you being in the money. With €4,000 to the winner and paying the top 15 anglers, there was a few quid up for grabs!

I had my son, Oliver, with me for com­pany and he has been fishing really well in the past 12 months. It’s nice to travel with someone that you can bounce a few ideas off with two days prac­tice before the matches start. Continue reading

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