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Top Tips From White Acres

Fresh from winning last week’s White Acres Milo Festival, Alan Scotthorne passes on some really useful tips that are sure to help your fishing.


After coming 2nd overall at White Acres a couple of weeks ago I really felt in tune with my fishing. So, when I had the chance to go back and fish the White Acres Milo Festival I jumped at the chance! This time I again scored a maximum 36 points (four section wins) and my dropped result was a 2nd in section, so this time I went one better and was the winner.

To say I was happy was an understatement. Missing out on practice on carp lakes through the summer due to my international commitments, I always feel I am just behind the leading carp match regulars, putting me at a slight disadvantage. To win these festivals you often need things to go for you and I did have the ‘rub of the green’ a couple of times, but still felt I had fished reasonably well throughout the week.

Here are a couple of small adjustments I made during the week that made a big difference to the end result…
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A Close Finish At White Acres

Alan Scotthorne managed second overall in the latest big festival held at White Acres. Here’s his report from an enjoyable week at the popular Cornish angling destination.

The top three: (From left) Alan Scotthorne, John Whincup and Paul Holland. Picture courtesy of

The top three: (From left) Alan Scotthorne, John Whincup and Paul Holland. Picture courtesy of

I do love the buzz of these big 180-peg festivals at White Acres and the newly sponsored Guru event looked like it would be a real cracker with all the lakes fishing well despite the lower than average temperatures for this time of year.

Fishing festivals is an art in itself. It’s all about winning 9-peg sections and four of your five results count at the end of the week. The all-important dropped result is normally the difference between winning or finishing further down the list. If it all goes wrong on the first couple of days, winning your 36-peg group still results in a £200+ pay day if a top-10 finish is not to be.

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Scotthorne’s Feeder Secrets In New-Look Weekly

Alan Scotthorne’s ultimate feeder rig is revealed in the all-new Angling Times.scotthorne-new-ATThe five times World Champion tackles a local reservoir and explains everything you need to know as he puts together a mixed catch of tench, bream and roach.

Martin Bowler’s Angling Adventures weekly column is also inside, with the big-fish specialist focusing on his hunt for springtime monsters.

The 88-page new-look weekly is now a smaller A4 format and in the shops now. Visit to learn more.


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Try A Hair-Rigged Worm

Take Alan Scotthorne’s advice and try a hair-rigged worm this weekend. 


With lots of aquatic life suddenly beginning to hatch in our waterways the fish begin to really switch on to baits like chopped worm and casters. A piece of hair-rigged worm therefore makes a great offering for all sorts of species, from carp and F1s to tench and bream.


A hair-rigged worm is ideal for fish like this.

If you haven’t tried hair-rigging worms before it’s a must-try tactic and something Alan Scotthorne has been particularly successful with on commercial fisheries. One beauty of a hair-rigged bait is the fact that the entire hook is exposed. This makes it harder for tiny fish to swallow and also much harder for a quality fish to eject. You can often catch several fish on one hook bait before you need to rebait as well.

An eyed hook complete with a hair-rigged Pushstop makes baiting up with a Pushstop Pusher a simple process. We also produce a convenient range of ready tied Pushstop Hair Rigs in a wide range of sizes.

Done correctly you can securely hide the entire Pushstop inside the worm and make a really resilient hook bait. You can also vary the size from a whole worm to tiny inch-long segments. Give it a go!

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Bite-Size Tip With Alan Scotthorne

In our latest Bite-Size Tips video, Alan Scotthorne explains a speedy playing technique that he has developed for catching lots of skimmers.

scotthorne-playing-skimmersWatch the video >>

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Latest Video: AS6 Floats

Alan Scotthorne visits Meadowlands Fishery to take a closer look at the AS6 pole float in our latest short film. 


The AS6 is the newest addition to the award-winning pole float series designed in conjunction with five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne. It’s a versatile design with a 0.8mm carbon stem and a 1.5mm hollow Glow Tip. Being available in sizes from 0.4g right up to 1.5g means it is also suitable for much deeper venues.

Watch the video >>

Venue: Meadowlands Fishery
Location: Oxford Road, Ryton-upon-Dunsmore, Coventry
Postcode: CV8 3EG
Telephone: 07834 191460

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New Video: Acolyte Plus 10ft Feeder

Alan Scotthorne takes a closer look at the Acolyte Plus 10ft Feeder in our latest short film. 


The five times World Champion tackles the Loco pool at Lindholme Lakes to demonstrate why the Acolyte Plus 10ft Feeder is going to be his number one rod this spring and summer.

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Drennan Barnsley Rise To The Challenge

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won the Sensas Challenge Final for the second year running.


The Drennan Barnsley Blacks team of Alan Scotthorne, James Dent, Andy Power, Lee Kerry and Matt Godfrey with Jean Desque and Mark Downes from Sensas. Picture courtesy of Pole Fishing magazine.

This annual two-day event saw 30 teams of five competing to international rules, including teams from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Channel Islands and France. It is a float-only competition with a 13m pole limit and bloodworm and joker allowed. This year’s event was held on the Gloucester Canal and with heavy rain leading up to the weekend it meant the canal fished quite difficult for most of the field.

Drennan Barnsley’s talented team of five consisted of Alan Scotthorne, Matt Godfrey, Lee Kerry, James Dent and Andy Power. Expecting weights to be low they made the tactical decision to target bleak from the off in a number of sections rather than the usual roach and skimmers. That really paid off on Day One, as they managed just 13 penalty points to take an early lead. A similar effort on Day Two saw them score 16 points and a runaway 29-point total. That was more than enough to retain the trophy they did so well to win in 2015.


Alan Scotthorne’s section winning catch on Day Two.

“The fishing has been hard but also quite technical and we’ve thankfully managed to do the right things in the right areas,” explained Alan Scotthorne, who scored a very convincing section win on Day Two. “There were very few roach to be caught so the plan was to target either bleak shallow or skimmers on the deck, depending on where you drew. Unlike many teams who fed predominantly leam, we also felt that a bit of groundbait helped to draw a few skimmers in the heavily coloured water.”

The top three teams now qualify for a lucrative Grand Final held in France later in the year.


  • 1st Drennan Barnsley Blacks, 29pts
  • 2nd Sensas 28, 49.5pts
  • 3rd Sensas Ireland, 55pts
  • 4th Kamasan Starlets A, 57pts


  • 1st Conor Browne (Sensas Ireland) 2pts
  • 2nd Rob Hewison (Sensas Mark One) 3pts
  • 3rd Matt Godfrey (Drennan Barnsley) 4pts
  • 4th Rich Tomala (RAF) 4pts
  • 5th James Dent (Drennan Barnsley) 5pts
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A Nice End To The Pole Fishing Pairs

A top five finish was Alan and Oliver Scotthorne’s target as they approached the final round of an enjoyable silverfish pairs series… but could they do it? Read on to find out…


The Preston Pole Fishing Pairs was originally set up to fish for the abundance of silverfish that are in our commercial fisheries. Only ‘natural baits’ are allowed in this event, so no pellets to cut down on the numbers of proper carp caught, which don’t count in these matches (although F1s do). With 39 pairs starting the first round at Barston Lakes, this was to be a well contested series run through the winter months, but a little disappointing as the year before 50 pairs had started in this well run event.

I fish with my son Oliver and our goal was to try to finish in the top five in this strong field. We had made a top 10 result the year before, learning loads, so we were really up for this challenge.

The first two rounds we just got it wrong, scoring a combined seven points and six points from our six-peg sections. We were down the leaderboard with two matches already gone and now needed some good results to get back in the hunt!

Round Three was at Messingham Sands near Scunthorpe and we should really have won this one. Oliver won his section, but I was 2nd on the Swan Pond wehre a win would have won us the day – but at least we were moving up the list. A 1st and a 4th on Round Four at Woodland View and Larford Lakes bought us right back up to 8th overall. With the last round at my local Lindholme Lakes I felt we could still finish in the top five with a solid performance.

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A Team England Special

This month’s issue of Pole Fishing is a Drennan Team England special.


Cover star Alan Scotthorne is joined by fellow World Champions, William Raison and Sean Ashby, plus European Champion, Steve Hemingray and the rest of the current England team. Together, they cover all sorts of tactics and species with canals, rivers and commercial fisheries all featured in depth. You surely cannot fail to learn from an issue that features the very best anglers in the country.

There is also a chance to win yourself a fantastic Drennan Series 7 pole!

The February issue is out now. Find out more on the Pole Fishing website.

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