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This Month’s Pole Fishing Magazine

The December issue of Pole Fishing hits the news­agent shelves this Friday and has some great art­icles to get stuck into. 


Alan Scotthorne con­tinues his illu­min­ating Ask Alan series by solving prob­lems on sub­jects as vast as margin fishing, feed quant­ities and coping with clear venues.

There is also a frank post-match ana­lysis with Drennan Team England super­star Des Shipp after a dis­ap­pointing World Championship in Croatia.

There is also a detailed art­icle on canal fishing with Jon Arthur, who goes back to his roots to show you the sport you could be having with squatts and casters.

Pole Fishing is in the news­agents the first Friday of every month and also avail­able in digital form for Android and iOS devices. 

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The 2014 Sensas Challenge Final

Alan Scotthorne and his Drennan Barnsley Blacks team have just returned from the Sensas Challenge Final in France. Here’s how they got on.

After qual­i­fying again for the Sensas Challenge Final, my Drennan Barnsley Blacks team of Lee Kerry, Frankie Gianoncelli, Simon Fields and myself were keen to see if we could improve on our 5th place from last year and retain our title as the best over­seas team – or go one better and win the competition!

The match was to take place close to the Sensas factory at Chartres on a series of lakes. This made prac­ti­cing a little dif­fi­cult, as we needed to split up to cover all the sec­tions that were to be used in the competition.

Fortunately, you can place anglers on this match, so I was to fish on the large Saint Georges Lake where wag­gler was to be the main method, while my trav­eling partner Simon was to be on Goujonniere Lake. Lee and Frankie tackled the smaller Luisant and Barjouville lakes which we were told would be a mix of both pole and wag­gler fishing for small roach and odd skimmers.

A prac­tice on each lake went well and I caught 23lb on the lake I was to fish and close to 40lb on Simon’s lake. It was all skim­mers, so we couldn’t wait for the match days as the fishing looked like it could be good, but we also knew that the peg­ging would be tight, so  it would nat­ur­ally be much harder than our prac­tice ses­sions. Lee and Frankie had also caught well so we were all buzzing before the actual match weekend.

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Acolyte Carp Takes The Strain

WCday2-alan-acolyte-carpAlthough put­ting any pole under this amount of pres­sure cannot be advised, we still feel that this striking image of Alan Scotthorne’s Acolyte Carp pole placed under immense strain shows why he rates it so highly!

The fish was a foul-hooked barbel, hooked with pink Carp Bungee elastic in six metres of raging flood water during the World Championship in Croatia. The fish sadly shed the hook, but the pole still came out of the fight com­pletely unscathed, much to an aston­ished crowd’s disbelief!

Click here to learn more about the Acolyte Carp.

Picture cour­tesy of Practicni Ribolov magazine.

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