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A Brilliant Result!

Alan Scotthorne looks back on how Drennan Team England won gold in the 2014 European Championship.


The Hensies-Pommeroeul Canal in Belgium turned out to be a good venue for Drennan Team England, as we took gold in a very tight finish with Russia – win­ning by the nar­rowest of margins!


World Champs 2013 and now Euro Champs 2014!

To win it came down to tar­geting large bream on the slider at dis­tance, as there was a lack of smaller fish to catch to get any points in all five sec­tions. Helped by light winds over the weekend all our lads man­aged this feat, with Sean Ashby catching just one on each day from the most dif­fi­cult D Section for mega points. For me, he was the man of the match!

All this looked impossible after the first day of prac­tice on the Monday. We had just a handful of bull­heads to show in our four-hour prac­tice ses­sion! However, the venue had not seen any bait for weeks and the fish just didn’t respond.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Alan Scotthorne pre­pares for the European Championship, which takes place on the Hensies-Pommerœul Canal next weekend in Bernissart, Belgium.

alan-underbank-resNormally we travel out for two weeks prac­tice for the European Championship with Drennan Team England, but due to some extra work being car­ried out on this year’s venue, a large canal in Belgium, we were forced to do our pre-match pre­par­a­tion here back in England.

I and trav­el­ling partner Lee Kerry have spent two days working on our slider fishing at Sheffield’s Underbank Reservoir, as we have been told that this tech­nique would play a major part in the com­pet­i­tion. You may think why prac­tice a method that I have done well with over the years but even for me sharpening up on ground­baiting at 50 turns of a 4000-size reel and a 6SSG slider is a must to help get back in tune with accuracy.

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So Close In Slovenia

Alan Scotthorne looks back at the recent World Club Championship in Slovenia.

The Drennan Barnsley Blacks team in sunny Slovenia. Picture courtesy of Pole Fishing magazine.

The Drennan Barnsley Blacks team in sunny Slovenia. Picture cour­tesy of Pole Fishing magazine.

My Drennan Barnsley Blacks team of Lee Kerry, Sam Wildsmith, Dave Brooks, Matt Godfrey, James Dent, cap­tain Glen Lawrence and myself really did fancy win­ning this competition.

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