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European Championship – The Result

A great European Championship weekend for the United Kingdom! Wales take team gold, England silver and Scotland agonisingly close to a bronze medal in fourth place.


With 26 nations involved, Wales put two great daily performances together on a difficult Lage Vaart Canal in Almere, Holland. They seemed to have the method really sussed for catching the all-important bonus bream and it was these fish that ultimately swung the verdict in their favour. Most of these quality fish were caught at 13 metres over bloodworm and joker in soil with a light peppering of loose fed casters over the top.

euros-2016-day2-viewOn day Two, Ian Leach did fantastic to catch three bream to win his section, Lee Edwards caught a bonus 1.5kg hybrid to help him to 4th in E section, Darren Frost went from last to 3rd with a bonus bream, John Harvey put in a solid 5th place effort and Ben Roberts’ 900g was enough for a 3rd in his ultra-tough section.

Drennan Team England were just four points behind the leaders with another excellent performance. They only managed two bream amongst their five anglers on the second day, so it was their prowess on small fish that really helped them to claim a silver medal.

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European Championship – Day One

Drennan Team England have put on a great fish-catching display and are currently in 2nd place after the first day of the European Championship.


This year’s event is on the Lage Vaart Canal in Holland, the same place that held the World Championship in 2009. Conditions have been difficult for most of the anglers with perch being the crucial weight-building species to target, but there are also some big bream for those lucky enough to catch them.


Matt Godfrey’s section-winning catch.

England’s top performer is Matt Godfrey who managed 5kg from the more difficult half of E Section. This included 3kg of perch and a bonus bream. A great effort for the talented 25-year-old on his senior Team England debut!

Matt Derry is also fishing his first European Champs and was really unlucky not to win his section. He caught a hard-earned 61 fish for 3.74kg and was narrowly pipped into 2nd in section by the Belarus angler on the adjacent end peg who weighed 40 fish for 3.82kg.

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A Day On The Thames

We were really excited to have two top internationals visit Drennan headquarters recently – Andy Berteyn from Belgium and England’s most decorated international angler, Alan Scotthorne!


Andy is a former Belgian National Champion with a European and two World Championship team gold medals under his belt. He is also a key Drennan sales agent for Belgium and so we had to get these two top anglers together in Oxford.

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Latest Video: The Master At Work

Alan Scotthorne recently fished the River Thames at Medley in Oxfordshire and put on a great display of angling. 


Of particular note was his unorthodox but very effective fish playing technique. Despite the strong flow and relatively light tackle, the five times World Champion tamed a bonus bream in no time at all. Watch our short video to see how a master works his magic!

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The Right Decisions

Alan Scotthorne looks back at a recent three-day event at Tunnel Barn Farm where crucial changes made all the difference.


I have just had a great run at festival fishing so when I rolled up at Tunnel Barn Farm for the Daiwa Pole Fishing Masters I couldn’t wait to get started. This was a three-day festival and my first day draw was on Club Pool peg 11. After watching the match on Sunday and having a quick practice on Sunday afternoon I was sure luncheon meat was going to be the number one bait. This lake holds a good head of carp which also swayed me even further to think this. As it turned out the carp just did not feed, making F1s the only fish to target.

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Latest Video: Supplex Fluorocarbon

In our latest short film Alan Scotthorne explains why he is now changing most of his hooklengths to Supplex Fluorocarbon instead of standard mono. 


The five-time World Champion visits the prolific Tunnel Barn Farm fishery in Warwickshire to explain the lines he now uses for the the majority of his pole fishing.

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Six Of The Best

Alan Scotthorne is on an unbelievable run of form on festivals, so we got the England ace to share some of his learnings from the past few weeks:


I have had a tremendous run this year, particularly on the festival scene, with a 2nd on the White Acres Guru Festival, a 1st on the White Acres Milo Festival and another win in the latest Lindholme Festival. My fishing on these commercial type waters has definitely improved due to the fact that the European Champs is later this year. That has given me more time to concentrate on these events. The name of the game is to win sections and here are a few tips to help you when it comes to fishing these points-run matches…

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Another Festival Win!

Alan Scotthorne has just won the Garbolino Lindholme Festival with five straight section wins!


The England ace is absolutely on fire this year after a 2nd place in the White Acres Guru Festival last month and then a 1st place in the White Acres Milo Festival just a fortnight ago.

Alan’s latest festival win was at Lindholme Lakes near Doncaster. This event was fished on Bonsai, Loco, Laurels, Willows and Bennys lakes with the best four results out of five counting. Alan’s dropped result was also a 1st in section, which made it a resounding win for a man in top form!


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Top Tips From White Acres

Fresh from winning last week’s White Acres Milo Festival, Alan Scotthorne passes on some really useful tips that are sure to help your fishing.


After coming 2nd overall at White Acres a couple of weeks ago I really felt in tune with my fishing. So, when I had the chance to go back and fish the White Acres Milo Festival I jumped at the chance! This time I again scored a maximum 36 points (four section wins) and my dropped result was a 2nd in section, so this time I went one better and was the winner.

To say I was happy was an understatement. Missing out on practice on carp lakes through the summer due to my international commitments, I always feel I am just behind the leading carp match regulars, putting me at a slight disadvantage. To win these festivals you often need things to go for you and I did have the ‘rub of the green’ a couple of times, but still felt I had fished reasonably well throughout the week.

Here are a couple of small adjustments I made during the week that made a big difference to the end result…
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A Close Finish At White Acres

Alan Scotthorne managed second overall in the latest big festival held at White Acres. Here’s his report from an enjoyable week at the popular Cornish angling destination.

The top three: (From left) Alan Scotthorne, John Whincup and Paul Holland. Picture courtesy of

The top three: (From left) Alan Scotthorne, John Whincup and Paul Holland. Picture courtesy of

I do love the buzz of these big 180-peg festivals at White Acres and the newly sponsored Guru event looked like it would be a real cracker with all the lakes fishing well despite the lower than average temperatures for this time of year.

Fishing festivals is an art in itself. It’s all about winning 9-peg sections and four of your five results count at the end of the week. The all-important dropped result is normally the difference between winning or finishing further down the list. If it all goes wrong on the first couple of days, winning your 36-peg group still results in a £200+ pay day if a top-10 finish is not to be.

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