Alan Scotthorne

We are proud to have five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne on board as a vital member of the Drennan team.


Alan Scotthorne has won an unprecedented five individual World Championship gold medals!

Drennan International boss Peter Drennan on Alan Scotthorne:

“We’re delighted to have put together a consultancy and sponsorship deal with Alan. As an England team regular and a unique five times individual World Champion, he’s the world’s most successful international angler. His encyclopaedic angling knowledge combined with our own design and engineering skills should be very interesting and productive on new tackle development.

“On top of this, Alan is a thoroughly nice bloke who is generous with his time and knowledge to other anglers, so he’ll be a great ambassador for our company.”

Alan Scotthorne on signing for Drennan International:

“I was part of the England Team back in 1993, the year that Drennan began to sponsor them. Over the years the fishing for the team has been a massive part of my fishing career so joining Drennan to help produce fantastic fishing equipment is a dream come true because I’ve been part of it for so long.

“The thing about the company is they manufacture a wide range of tackle, so the opportunity to be involved in the evolution of a product, stage by stage, to fish with prototypes and fine tune them, is a new one and really exciting. My expertise is on English methods and techniques so the chance to join the top English tackle company was too good to miss.

“Unusually for a sponsorship deal, I’m not restricted to using just Drennan brand products. I’m free to use whatever I like that helps me win matches and keep my England place. That leaves me free to recommend other products to help people catch fish.”

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