Messingham Sands In Terrific Form

The Islands Lake at Messingham Sands was in top form for Saturday’s Drennan Silverfish League with an average weight of over 45lb per angler!

messingham-sands-fisheryThe top three individuals each came from different sections, too, so the fish were feeding well throughout the lake.

The winner on the day was Pete Riley who was drawn on peg 44 on the arm. As with the rest of the competitors, Pete had a real mixed bag of fish. His 65lb included skimmers, roach, perch, crucians, F1s and tench.

The main tactic on the day seemed to be to try and avoid the attentions of carp, which were also very active. One angler returned no less than 58! He still managed 50lb of silverfish but finished last in his 5-peg section.

It was no surprise that the following day’s Open Match held on the same lake was dominated by carp weights. Steve Bingham, drawn on peg 42, weighed a creditable 120lb by fishing pellet and meat on the bomb.

Carp also fed well on the rest of the Lakes last week as Sheffield angler Norman Addy found out when fishing the Oak Tree Pond. Norman adopted summer tactics of fishing in the margins with Corn and Pellet, landing 54 fish averaging between 7lb and 8lb.

Drennan Silverfish Spring League, Islands Lake, Saturday
1 Pete Riley, Scunthorpe 65-02
2 Paul Seed, Grimsby 63-10
3 Kevin Johnson, Messingham 60-07
4 Dave Mountford, Grimsby 59-02

Sunday Open, Islands Lake
1 Steve Bingham, Upton 120-02
2 Sean Sanders, Barnsley 85-07
3 Andy Bryant, Grimsby 84-11
4 Terry Gardener, Hull 75-01

Saturday Open, Tripp Lake
1 Mark Lidgard, Brigg 69-08
2 Tony Reever, Grimsby 56-00
3 Paul Appleyard, Hull 50-05
4 Bob Duncan, Hull 45-12

Tues Open, Islands Lake
1 Tony Hepburn, Grimsby 51-10
2 Tony Woods, Grimsby 51-07
3 Ian Coatham, Scunthorpe 49-03
4 John Holt, Goole 46-04

Weds Open, Swan Pond
1 Paul Hewitt, Scunthorpe 90-06
2 Kyle Hartley, Scunthorpe 79-00
3 Kevin Johnson, Messingham 68-13
4 Gerald Knapp, Scotter 54-10

Thursday Open, Islands Lake
1 Dave Chapman, Doncaster 85-00
2Les Waldron, Grimsby 61-14
3 Ken Pacey, Gainsborough 60-05
4 Keith Garrat, Grimsby 59-10

Friday Open, Swan Pond
1 Ian Thompson, Grimsby 97-12
2 Chris Mack, Hull 85-08
3 Gary Shepherd, Scunthorpe 42-08
4 Gary Lewis ,Scunthorpe 35-09

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