Barnsley Win The Sensas Challenge

Drennan Barnsley topped the 2017 Sensas Challenge Final at the weekend after an ultra-tight finish.


Drennan Barnsley B: (from left) Frankie Gianoncelli, Glenn Lawrence, Gavin Leversidge, Sam Wildsmith and Oliver Scotthorne.

The Gloucester Canal played host to this prestigious teams-of-five event which saw 32 teams involved over two days. The event is fished to international rules and attracts teams from across the UK plus international squads from France , Scotland, Wales , Ireland and the Channel Islands.

It was a closely fought event with just two points separating the top four teams.
Drennan Barnsley B team sneaked home with 29.5 points. Their talented team consisted of Oliver Scotthorne, Glenn Lawrence, Sam Wildsmith, Gavin Leversidge and Frankie Gianoncelli.


Oliver Scotthorne.

A single point behind were Daiwa Dorking, with France’s Sensas 28 and Sensas Starlets A completing the top four.

Individually it was also close with Mickelle Brossier (Team Florentine France) and Frankie Gianoncelli (Drennan Barnsley) both scoring  a perfect two points. France took the verdict with 12.56kg to 5.76kg.

The next four anglers all tied on three points with John Freeborn (Sensas North) taking the bronze medal with a 7.99kg weight advantage.

The best weight of the weekend came from Welsh international Ian Leach who took an impressive 18.64kg of bream on Day Two from the Castle Stretch.


  • 1st Drennan Barnsley Blacks B, 29.5 points
  • 2nd Daiwa Dorking, 30.5
  • 3rd Sensas 28 A, 31
  • 4th Sensas Starlets A, 32
  • 5th Sensas 28 B, 36
  • 6th Drennan Barnsley A, 37.5
  • 7th Team Wales, 44.5
  • 8th Sensas Starlets B, 45.5pts
  • 9th Sensas North, 47
  • 10th Drennan Oxford, 47.5


  • 1st Mickelle Brossier (Team Florentine France) 2 points (12.56kg)
  • 2nd Frankie Gianoncelli (Drennan Barnsley B) 2 (5.76kg)
  • 3rd John Freeborn (Sensas North) 3  (7.99kg)
  • 4th Des Shipp (Daiwa Dorking) 3 (5.45kg)
  • 5th Oliver Scotthorne (Drennan Barnsley B) 3 (4.72kg)
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