Wide Gape Match Hooks For Perch

perchCraig Palmer caught this nice 1lb 5oz perch with a single red maggot on a size 22 Drennan Wide Gape Match hook.

This is an ideal hook choice for boney mouthed perch. Its shape lends itself excep­tion­ally well to a mul­ti­tude of hook baits, from mag­gots to worms. A chem­ic­ally sharpened point means it stays extremely sharp and being forged ensures it will not open up easily when under pressure.

The wire gauge also increases with hook size, from the smal­lest size 22 (0.28mm) up to a size 14 (0.43mm). It’s a truly ver­satile hook pattern!


Click here for more on our barbed Drennan hook patterns.

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The World Irish Pairs 2014

Dean Barlow and his pairs partner, Steve Fleming, have just returned from the Lakeland & Inland Waterways World Irish Pairs. Here’s his frank account of an enjoy­able week:


Peg 9 on Horse Island during the Irish Pairs.


18.93kg and a county win from Brackley peg 10.

Having just got back from the World Pairs in Ireland, I’ve had time to reflect on the com­pet­i­tion. As with any five-day fest­ival, your sec­tion rota­tion is important, but this week just pointed out how important it was!

My pairs partner Steve Fleming and I drew ‘Rotation 1′ which put us in Enniskillen the first day. This is a sec­tion you need to catch a big weight to be in with a chance. I drew the famous Killadeas sec­tion on Loch Erne and Steve the river at Crom. To cut a long story short it was very poor as the venue hadn’t been fished since May. I put 2kg on the scales with only 8kg win­ning the sec­tion off the end peg. Steve had 4kg off the river. Every day, as more bait went in, the sec­tion got better with some big weights… but we had missed the boat!

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Netherlands Crowned World Champions

The Netherlands have won World Championship gold in Croatia after an impressive two-day per­form­ance on an extremely chal­len­ging venue.


Heavy rain had seen the already powerful flowing venue rise around 2.5 metres in just a few days. The teams that fared the best got to grips with these demanding con­di­tions and tar­geted pre­dom­in­antly barbel on flat-float tactics.

After win­ning Day One con­vin­cingly with just 16 pen­alty points the Dutch posted another decent score today to be crowned deserving champions.

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