Roach On The Ribble

Tony Peet had a rewarding ses­sion on the Ribble just as this spate river was fining down after heavy rain. An excel­lent net of red­fins was his reward, as he explains:


“On my pre­vious outing for roach on this swim I had found the small fish very dif­fi­cult to avoid, even on caster or tares. With this in mind, I took some corn and also a couple of pints of pinkies, along with the normal caster, hemp and tares. I mixed some ground­bait and added some samples of hook bait. The pinkies are a good attractor and I hoped would keep the small stuff busy.

“After put­ting four good cricket-sized balls laced with bait in I tackled up. I ima­gined my first run down would get a bite, but nothing. The next half hour was spent searching the swim and chan­ging baits. The depth was changed, shot was changed but after an hour I only had half a dozen chub­lets and small dace. Then, the float buried and I had the gentle nod nod of a nice roach. I changed to corn and had another good fish, fol­lowed by a few more decent ones.”

Tony used an Acolyte Ultra 13ft matched with an Abu 506 closed face reel, loaded with Float Fish line to a size 20 hook and 0.08mm hooklength.

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The Best Natural Water Festival

The Evesham Angling Festival is one of the high­lights of Jon Arthur’s season. Here’s how he got on this year over three tough (and very wet) days.


Jon in action on Day One. Picture cour­tesy of Steve Martin Photography.

I love the buzz around the Evesham Festival, seeing the crowds, hearing the com­mentary over the tannoy and ming­ling with the top names. It’s also nice to have my family and friends come along to watch and hope­fully cheer me on. That includes a very sup­portive wife who sits behind me in all kinds of weather. She deserves a medal, espe­cially after all the rain we had!

Saturday was the big indi­vidual cham­pi­on­ship with £3,000 to the winner. 70 of us lined up to draw and I had a list of pegs I really wanted to be sat on. I would have taken any­where on the Crown Meadow other than dreaded Peg 3 (which I incid­ent­ally found myself on two years ago – so I don’t always draw flyers!) but pegs 1 and 2 and pegs 5 to 10 were the ones I really fan­cied for a day’s roach sport. I was about 15th in the queue and no decent pegs of any descrip­tion had come out by the time it got to my turn. I dipped my hand in the bag and out popped peg 6, quickly fol­lowed by a big groan from everyone and a few jealous mutters!

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Whiskers On The Wye

Terry Theobald has been back to the glor­ious River Wye recently to target the hard-fighting barbel the river is famous for.

theo-barbel-wye-2Theo man­aged to suc­cess­fully land sev­eral barbel to 8lb 7oz on his 1.75 Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel rod during an early morning ses­sion. The win­ning tactic was a simple run­ning leger setup with a PVA bag of pel­lets and crushed boilies nicked onto the hook before casting.

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