Oxford Summer League – Round Three

The third round of the Oxford Summer League saw seven teams of six on the River Thames at Dorchester and Benson. Big fish were at a premium but there were small fish to be caught in most sections and it turned out to be a very fair match.


Ian Young’s winning catch.

In first place was Ian Young, fishing for Drennan Oxford Blue, with 15lb 4oz from the bottom end peg at Dorchester.

“I fed chopped worm and caster at 6m at the bottom of the shelf and hemp at 11m,” he explained. “I then started on the feeder, which was a waste of time with little chublets rattling the tip, so it went up the bank and out went a big worm on a 2g pole rig. I caught three reasonable perch on this and then a 3lb tench, which was handy!

“I then swapped between the chop line and my hemp line for the rest of the day picking up more perch and 4-6oz chublets on the chop until the last hour when I could catch on the seed more consistently. I didn’t have loads of roach but worked out a few things so I was happy enough.”

Ian's swim at Dorchester.

Ian’s swim at Dorchester.

Second place went to Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford Yellow) with 12lb 1oz. He drew in the bottom section at Benson and had 7lb of roach and 5lb of bleak, all on a 6m whip to hand with maggot on the hook over groundbait feed.

Third was Mark Harrington (Sensas A4) with 10lb 15oz who had four big perch plus small chub on a chopped worm feeder and worm on the hook.

Round 3 Teams:

  • 1st Drennan Oxford Yellow – 41 points
  • 2nd Sensas A4 – 36
  • 3rd Drennan Oxford Blue – 33


  • 1st Drennan Oxford Yellow – 112 points
  • 2nd Drennan Oxford Blue – 104
  • 3rd Sensas A4 – 100
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A Successful Rudd Campaign

Adam Randall has kindly sent in some photos of some excellent rudd he has being catching in the east of England.


“I have been targeting some Fen rudd over the last couple of weeks with fish of 2.10, 2.8, 2.8, 2.8 and 2.7, plus lots of smaller backup fish to low 2s,” he tells us. “It’s my first season targeting them so I’m happy with the results and have been very impressed with the Drennan tackle I’ve used!”

“I am using a Drennan Acolyte Plus 13ft paired with a FD3000 reel, various floats from the Drennan range and a Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklength.”

He has since gone even better and caught himself a personal best at 2lb 13oz. Keep up the great work, Adam!

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European Championship – The Result

A great European Championship weekend for the United Kingdom! Wales take team gold, England silver and Scotland agonisingly close to a bronze medal in fourth place.


With 26 nations involved, Wales put two great daily performances together on a difficult Lage Vaart Canal in Almere, Holland. They seemed to have the method really sussed for catching the all-important bonus bream and it was these fish that ultimately swung the verdict in their favour. Most of these quality fish were caught at 13 metres over bloodworm and joker in soil with a light peppering of loose fed casters over the top.

euros-2016-day2-viewOn day Two, Ian Leach did fantastic to catch three bream to win his section, Lee Edwards caught a bonus 1.5kg hybrid to help him to 4th in E section, Darren Frost went from last to 3rd with a bonus bream, John Harvey put in a solid 5th place effort and Ben Roberts’ 900g was enough for a 3rd in his ultra-tough section.

Drennan Team England were just four points behind the leaders with another excellent performance. They only managed two bream amongst their five anglers on the second day, so it was their prowess on small fish that really helped them to claim a silver medal.

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European Championship – Day One

Drennan Team England have put on a great fish-catching display and are currently in 2nd place after the first day of the European Championship.


This year’s event is on the Lage Vaart Canal in Holland, the same place that held the World Championship in 2009. Conditions have been difficult for most of the anglers with perch being the crucial weight-building species to target, but there are also some big bream for those lucky enough to catch them.


Matt Godfrey’s section-winning catch.

England’s top performer is Matt Godfrey who managed 5kg from the more difficult half of E Section. This included 3kg of perch and a bonus bream. A great effort for the talented 25-year-old on his senior Team England debut!

Matt Derry is also fishing his first European Champs and was really unlucky not to win his section. He caught a hard-earned 61 fish for 3.74kg and was narrowly pipped into 2nd in section by the Belarus angler on the adjacent end peg who weighed 40 fish for 3.82kg.

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Team England Are All Set For Almere

The Drennan Team England squad have had a mixed week during the official practice sessions with sport being extremely difficult for all 26 nations on the Lage Vaart Canal. 

England practice day

As expected, perch are the main target species but there are a few better roach about and bonus bream on the long pole will be worth huge team points if anglers can locate any. Yesterday was a struggle with hardly any bream caught throughout the length. Catching 500-600g of small fish was crucial. Alan Scotthorne was the team’s best catcher yesterday with just a kilo of fish. None of the team caught a bream and William Raison caught three in one session which is the most they’ve managed. Weighing 1.5kg to 3kg apiece they could make all the difference!

Teams drawing the favoured end zones have caught the most bream. Home nation Holland are in a good bream area today in the second practice box from the end of E Section and caught five today. England are in Box 22 today and have Serbia to their left and Ireland to their right. Only the Serbian’s have seen a single bream which was caught very early.

will-raison-england-almere-2016-webDrennan Team England’s best catcher today has been William Raison with a hard-earned 1.98kg of mostly perch. More bream have showed than they did yesterday, however, and they’ve typically been caught wherever there is an end peg, bridge or gap. The Welsh squad have had a particularly good day from one of these areas with at least 15 bream between them.

With such patchy sport and low weights no team seems to be overly confident and there doesn’t seem to be a standout tactic or team catching more than any other.

It’s certainly going to be a tough weekend with small fish being vital, but teams fortunate to land a big bream or two will play a decisive factor as well.

The team for Day 1 has now been selected and consists of Alan Scotthorne, William Raison, Sean Ashby, Matt Godfrey and Matt Derry with Lee Kerry as reserve.

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A European Championship Weekend

Today is the last official practice session for Drennan Team England and the other 25 nations involved in the European Championship.


The venue this year is the Lage Vaart Canal in Almere, Holland, which has been used several times in international events. This basically translates as the Lower Level Canal, so it’s several metres below sea level.

It is around 50 metres wide and the match length is 2.5km long. The Johnsonpad cycle path is immediately behind the anglers, which gives them easy access on the day. Boats are also not allowed on the match length during the competition.

The target species will include roach, skimmers, perch, ruffe plus the all-important bream which are up to 4kg in size and could prove extremely decisive. In 2009 the World Championship was held on this venue and bream were decisive for Russia who successfully targeted the species with worms and raw joker at 13 metres to win gold.

This year the temperatures have been extremely hot during practice, up to 35 degrees, and sport has been expectedly difficult. Fish have been caught early and late with anglers struggling during the middle part of the day. Perch have been dominant with odd small roach and pockets of bream. When the bream are in the peg you can often catch two or three of these quality fish. They are also taking some time to land on light tackle. Now the weather is getting slightly cooler and a few showers are forecast things will hopefully improve for the two-day event. Pole with bloodworm, joker and ground bait or soil/leam will probably be the dominant tactic although the waggler and slider might also play a part if conditions allow.

The Drennan Team England squad is a real mixture of youth and experience and consists of Alan Scotthorne, William Raison, Sean Ashby, Lee Kerry, Matt Godfrey and Matt Derry. The last two anglers are fishing their first ever European event and will be hoping to perform well for co-managers Mark Addy and Mark Downes.

Keep an eye on the www.drennantackle.com website and our Facebook and Twitter pages for further updates!

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Well Done Jack

A belated well done to Jack Damant who fished really well to win the 2016 Fish’O’Mania Junior event at Cudmore Fishery. 

imageSixteen-year-old Jack from Ipswich won with 17.2kg, which included a healthy variety of species including carp, F1s, ide, barbel and skimmers. A great performance earned him £1,000 and the all-important Junior Fish’O’Mania title.

imageJack also looked the part wearing his Drennan clothing that had been specially printed by his local shop and sponsor, Bird’s Tackle in Ipswich.

A talented young angler to keep an eye on!

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Huge Rudd On First Trip

All-round angler, Matthew Fernandez from Southampton managed to slip the net under two personal best rudd during his first trip to a new venue.


Matthew with his biggest rudd weighing 2lb 14oz.

“With nothing to really go by on the signs of fish, I dropped in a swim on the end of a fresh wind. I located a clear spot at 60 yards and introduced several spombs of Sticky’s Krill Active Mix with hemp and maggot.I fished two Drennan 30g maggot feeder bombs helicopter style with short 4lb 3″ Drennan

“I fished a 30g Feederbomb helicopter style with short 3″ hooklink of 4.4lb Supplex Fluorocarbon with size 16 Super Specialist hook baited with two maggots and a tiny piece of foam to pop the rig off of the bottom.

“In the early hours of the morning, two bites came straight after each other resulting in two rudd, both personal bests for me! The first rudd weighed 2lb 14oz and the second weighed 2lb 8oz!”

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Supplex Fluorocarbon For Chub

The near-invisible properties of 0.13mm (2.6lb) Supplex Fluorocarbon helped Brian Gay fool this wily old chub from a local river.


supplex-fluorocarbon-0-13mmThe angling journalist and film maker caught the fish in 18 inches of gin-clear water, using single maggot on a size 19 Kamasan B711 hook under a 1.2g Crystal Waggler. In Brian’s own words, “Perfect clear-water tackle!”

Learn more about Supplex Fluorocarbon.

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Townsend Tames The Thames

Steve Townsend won Round 2 of the Oxford Summer League with a quality 42lb 9oz catch of bream and roach.


Steve Townsend with his winning catch.

The event saw seven teams of six on the Medley and Folly sections of the River Thames. It was a warm, blustery day with plenty of swimmers, dogs and boats, but the river showed good form with roach and bream throughout. The anglers at Medley were even greeted by the sight of bream and carp spawning in some of the weedbeds!

Steve, fishing for Drennan Oxford Yellow, drew one peg off the poplars at Medley and started off with an open end feeder fished two thirds of the way across the river. Ten bream fell to his worm hook bait. He then switched to a waggler swim, fishing tares over hempseed to bolster his catch with a further 10lb of roach.

Paul Passmore (Devizes MG) was second with 23lb 9oz from the top peg in the same section and had bream on the open end feeder and roach on the pole. Third was Gary Pook who had a bream and quality roach for 20lb 7oz.

Drennan Oxford Yellow were top on the day with 36 points, while Drennan Oxford Blue, Sensas A4 and Devizes all tied on 32 points. So far in the league it’s also a tie between Drennan Oxford Blue and Drennan Oxford Yellow on 71 points.

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