Grant Albutt’s Silverfish Workout

pf-plus-grant-albuttMatch ace Grant Albutt stars in Issue 15 of the Pole Fishing Plus video magazine.

The expert angler tackles the beautiful Shatterford Lakes in Worcestershire, where he shows you how to catch big weights of roach, skimmers and perch using simple pole tactics. Grant discusses where to fish, what baits to use and what groundbait you need as he puts together an impressive net of fish.

The 45-minute video and 29-page e-mag from the day is available to download at

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Success On First Ever Pike Session

Ryan Craggs from Durham had never previously fished for pike so was delighted when Simon Ashton invited him to fish a large gravel pit for the species.


Just over an hour into the session, Ryan received his first take from an area 60 yards out where he had presented a large smelt deadbait soaked in salmon oil. After a steady fight, his first ever pike slid over the net, a fish just into double figures. Later that morning the same rod had sprung into life and a steady take resulted in another hook up, this time from a much bigger fish weighing in at 20lb 1oz, a big pike by anyone’s standards!

After moving the following morning to a different area of the lake, it wasn’t long before Ryan’s rod was away again and another cracking pike weighing 19lb 14oz was soon resting in the net.

His setup consisted of 3lb test curve rods with 18lb Syncro XT Loaded, a simple running leger rig and a trace made from 28lb 7 Strand Pike Wire and size 6 semi barbed E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles.

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More Feeder Tips With Dean Barlow

All six videos from our tip-packed feeder session with Dean Barlow at Shearwater Lake are now available.


This is your chance to grab some expert advice on feeder fishing for bream and skimmers (and bonus carp!) in the winter. The films are all in our Videos section and also available to view on our YouTube and Facebook pages. We hope you enjoy them!

Thanks to Shearwater Lake for having us and kindly allowing Dean to use a keepnet for the purpose of the film. Click on to learn more about the excellent fishing on offer at Shearwater and other Longleat Estate venues.

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A 3lb 9oz Birthday Present

chris-carlyle-perch-1Chris Carlyle celebrated his birthday in style with an impressive brace of perch, including a huge 3lb 9oz specimen.

The keen specialist angler from East Yorkshire chose to tackle a local match venue. The winning hook bait was worm, which he fished over a bed of red maggots.

For tackle, Chris used a size 10 Drennan Super Specimen Barbless hook and Supplex line.

Now’s the ideal time of year to untap the specimen perch potential of your local commercial fishery!

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Drennan Silverfish League – Round 6

Team England’s Sean Ashby is leading the Drennan Silverfish League at Rycroft Fisheries at the halfway stage.


The former World Champ and Sensas backed star has amassed 92lb 3oz of fish over six matches and has a 6lb lead over his nearest challenger.

Despite very cold conditions the fish still fed quite well for Round 6. Nathan Hughes had a day off from running his fishing tackle empire and managed to win the match with 19lb 5oz.  He was drawn on peg 10 on the Carp Lake and caught skimmers at 13 metres with groundbait and dead maggots, quality roach to a pound on loose fed caster closer in and four good perch down the edge on chopped worm and casters.

Runner-up on the same lake from peg 16 was Steve Winter. He stuck to his long pole lines with groundbait and dead maggots for 16lb 4oz of skimmers. Making it a family affair and just two pegs from the winner was Nathan’s son Cameron, who was 3rd with a 15lb 12oz mixed bag.

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Change Of Tactic Works Magic!

Northampton based specimen angler, and former Drennan Cup Holder, Jamie Cartwright reports on a hectic session for perch on the Great Ouse.


The day started quite well, the conditions were perfect, heavy cloud cover had kept overnight temperatures up around 8 or 9 degrees and the river was carrying a hint of pace and colour after a spell of rain earlier in the week. 20-minutes after casting out my lobworm hook bait it was picked up by a stunning perch weighing 3lb 8oz. Another 20-minutes past before the 1oz Slow Taper Quiver Tip, jagged and pulled round again. The culprit this time was another bristling young perch of around 1lb 12oz, things were looking good!

Not long after taking that second fish the cloud cover cleared and the sun came out and brought an end to the feeding spell, well for the perch at least. A chunky tench had me convinced I was attached to an enormous perch, right up until it rolled over the landing net.After that I sat bite-less for an hour, mulling over my options, I could set up a float rod and try trotting a lobworm through the swim, or I could set up my 8ft 6in Esox Dropshot rod out and take the battle to the perch.

I decided to go for the more mobile approach and mounted a 4″ rubber shad mounted on a 7-gram jig head and made my first cast just beyond the area I had been baiting with the broken lobworms. Rather unpredictably the shad was nailed first cast right over the bait and a stunning perch weighing 2lb 12oz came reluctantly to the waiting net. Coughing up lobworm sections as I unhooked it. Another couple of casts and the shad was grabbed again and this fish felt slightly better than the first, and so it proved, weighing in at a chunky 3lb 4oz, a new lure caught personal best by 8oz! I should point out that I rarely use lures, mainly due to a lack of confidence in them, but my confidence now was sky high, and I was keen to make up for lost time!

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A Great Start To 2017

Alan Scotthorne kicked off the year in style with an impressive catch of bream from the Stainforth & Keadby Canal. We got the England star to explain how he did it:

alan-scotthorne-stainy-winI always fish the Stainforth & Keadby Canal matches through the winter months and it’s the only canal I know that almost guarantees you plenty of bites, even on the coldest of days. It’s always been known as a bloodworm mecca, but over the last couple of years it’s been very difficult – maybe almost impossible – to make the frame using only his bait. You now really need to catch on hemp in the closing stages of the match or strangely on casters in the opening couple of hours of the competition.

When the first matches start in October, a good ploy is to start  on caster and finish on hemp if you are looking to win the match, discounting bloodworm altogether. I have tried a lot of times with slightly different approaches to catch a winning weight on bloodworm alone, but with the fish being very small and the canal being quite deep it’s difficult to put big numbers of fish together, given that they don’t seem to come in closer than nine metres of pole. One match I caught 286 fish for just short of 14lb but only won the section as 36lb of bream won the match. As I said, plenty of bites but you need to be more selective to actually win.

This season, match organiser Lee Kerry decided to try a competition where you needed to win your section to qualify for a big final match which guaranteed a good pay day for the winner. After three matches I was looking like I might not make this final. This included one near miss by just two ounces and really not having a chance on the other two qualifiers with end pegs dominating my area. With two qualifying matches left, the pressure was on a little!

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Feeder Tips With Dean Barlow

We spent a day at Shearwater Lake with Dean Barlow to grab some expert advice on feeder fishing for bream and skimmers in the winter. 


The first three films starring the England Feeder Team ace are now available in our Videos section and also on our YouTube page. Watch this space for a further three films from the session, which we hope to post over the next few days.

Thanks to Shearwater Lake for having us and kindly allowing Dean to use a keepnet for the purpose of the film. Click on to learn more about the excellent fishing on offer at Shearwater and other Longleat Estate venues.

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Hectic Grayling Session

All-round angler, Matthew Fernandez managed to get a few hours fishing one morning and decided to visit his local River Itchen for a spot of grayling fishing.


“I arrived at the river early in the morning for a bit of trotting, with only a few hours ahead of me I packed light. As the river was low and clear, I planned to fish quite a few swims in hope of taking a few fish from each area before they moving onto the next.

“Trotted red maggots presented on a size 16 Super Specialist hook suspended under a 3BB Alloy Stick float proved to be the winning tactic. I managed to catch from the off and ended up landing plenty of grayling from most swims, with the best just reaching 2lb that up a great fight on my 13ft Acolyte Plus float rod.”


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New Drennan Headwear!

We have just released a stylish pair of Drennan Beanies to keep you extra warm! 

drennan-new-beanie-hat-coloursThese knitted hats have a cosy fleece lining and are soft and stretchy enough to be rolled up or down to match the contours of your head. They are super comfy to wear and available in aqua or black with a contrasting embroidered Drennan logo.

Beanie Hats should be finding their way into all good Drennan stockists from this week.

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