8lb Tench Highlight Of Session

This 8lb personal best tench was the biggest of three fish caught recently by Shaun Turner from a local gravel pit.


He found a clean gravel bar in between weed beds and spodded out a mixture of small particles and groundbait before casting his In-Line Flat Method Feeder baited with maggots over the top.

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Latest Video: Acolyte Landing Nets

You can watch Alan Scotthorne in action with the unique Acolyte Hook Resistant Landing Nets in our latest film.


We got on the bank with the England star at the excellent Orchid Lakes in Oxfordshire to see what’s so special about these innovative landing nets.

Watch the video >>

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Six Tench For Robert

Despite a cold north easterly wind, Robert Brooker managed to land six tench from a local gravel pit during a day session.


He located an area of clean gravel at 50 yards with a marker rod and baited the area with a mixture of hemp, pellets and dead maggots.

He chose to use 45g Feederbombs helicopter style on his 2lb Specialist Distance Tench & Bream rods to cut through the strong cross wind and keep his feeders landing on the same spot.

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Martin Bowler Banks A 59lb Carp

Top big fish angler Martin Bowler has caught a colossal 59lb carp from an undisclosed UK venue.


The star of Catching The Impossible has already set the carp world talking, as it’s an unknown fish from a secret water.

You can check out the amazing full story in this week’s Angling Times.

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Steve Harwood’s 2lb 7oz Roach

Steve Harwood caught this beautiful 2lb 7oz roach in Holland, just before catching his ferry home. 

steve-harwood-2lb-7oz-roachThe Drennan Oxford team man had been competing in the Anglo-Dutch Classic and had a couple of hours to kill before catching the return ferry. He decided to fish part of a big marina at Hellevoetsluis, not far from Hook Of Holland, where the Voorne Canal meets open water.

Steve had heard that there was a chance of some big roach and soon discovered the rumours were true! In just over an hour’s fishing he managed five bream averaging 4lb and the specimen roach, all on worm and caster.

He tackled the gin-clear 6-7m swim with an Acolyte Ultra 12ft Feeder rod with a 30g Oval Groundbait Feeder, a 0.15mm Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklength and a size 14 Wide Gape Match hook.

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Italy Crowned Champions Of Europe

Italy win European team and individual gold on home soil! Belgium take the silver medal and Hungary bronze. 


Italy made few mistakes on the Bianco Canal to be crowned worthy champions with 56 penalty points. The home nation had double cause to celebrate with Giuliano Prandi claiming the individual gold medal as the only angler with a perfect two-point score.

Belgium filled second place and also had individual silver and bronze medals with Luc Thijs and Bart De Cree on four and five points respectively. 

Drennan Team England fared better on Day Two to finish 10th overall with William Raison the best performer in individual 8th place.

Congratulations to Italy, the new European Champions!

England Day One

  • A Section – Matt Godfrey, 11 points (5.97kg)
  • B Section – James Dent, 8.5 points (4.275kg)
  • C Section – William Raison, 5 points (6.699kg)
  • D Section – Alan Scotthorne, 15 points (4.06kg)
  • E Section – Matt Derry, 23 points (0.884kg)

England Day Two

  • A Section – James Dent, 12.5 points (3.69kg)
  • B Section – Callum Dicks, 15 points (2.05kg)
  • C Section – Matt Godfrey, 17 points (2.872kg)
  • D Section – William Raison, 3 points (9.17kg)
  • E Section – Alan Scotthorne, 6 points (10.986kg)
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Good Luck Drennan Team England!

Team England are in Italy this weekend competing in the 23rd European Championship.



The teams-of-five event sees 24 nations competing over two days on the Bianco Canal at Rovigo, on the 20th and 21st of May. England will be hoping to go one better than last year’s event where they took a well-earned silver medal in Holland.

This year’s talented England squad is a mixture of youth and experience with Alan Scotthorne, William Raison, Callum Dicks, Matt Godfrey, Matt Derry and James Dent involved. James is the only angler without senior World or European experience and earns his call up after impressive performances in the past two Home Internationals. Team manager Mark Downes is also assisted by Steve Sanders this year, following Mark Addy’s retirement.

The match length is a 2km long section of the tidal Bianca Canal.

The match length is a 2km long section of the tidal Bianca Canal.

This year’s venue is in the north east of Italy, around 50km from Venice. It’s a large navigable canal averaging 90m wide and 4m deep. Being just 15km from the sea with no sluices it is also subject to tidal variations which can see the flow change direction and the levels rise and fall by up to a metre.

The key species will be bream and skimmers up to 2kg, but other possible species include carassio, mullet, catfish and bleak. Pole fishing over an initial bombardment of heavy groundbait is likely to be the dominant tactic, with large lollipop-style flat floats as large as 25g to 30g playing a major role when the canal flows.

The two four-hour matches will be fished to international rules in this float-only event. This includes strict bait limits, a 10-minute pre-baiting period and a 13m pole limit.

Despite last year’s resounding victory, Wales will sadly not be defending their crown as European Champions. Financial difficulties mean they have chosen to focus their attentions on the World Championship held in Belgium later on in the year.

Good luck to all of the competitors. The Italians are red-hot favourites and will be extremely difficult to beat on home soil, but we know Drennan Team England will be doing their very best to get on the podium!


The Drennan Team England squad for the 2017 European Championship consists of: (top row from left) Alan Scotthorne, James Dent, William Raison, (bottom row from left) Matt Derry, Callum Dicks and Matt Godfrey.

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Duo Land Perch To 3lb 15oz On Reservoir

Specialist angler, Adam Perna joined his friend James Aris on a trip to a local trout reservoir this week in search of perch.


“After a slow start, we ended up with 5 perch a piece. James fish varied from 2lb 8oz to 3lb 5oz, while I managed to land a catch of fish going 3lb 2oz, 3lb 4oz, 3lb 7oz, 3lb 10oz and my biggest from a reservoir at of 3lb 15oz. 

“All of my fish were taken on the drop shot tactics using the 7.5cm Big Eye Fry E-Sox Dropshot Holographic lures in the green perch pattern presented on a size 6 hook and an 8lb Dropshot Fluorocarbon leader.

“We caught all the fish in 3 productive areas of relatively shallow water which we considered hotspots in a vast expanse of water.”

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A Trio Of New Drennan Products!

We are pleased to unveil three more quality Drennan products this week. 


First up are the unique Acolyte Hook Resistant Landing Nets. They are available in 14in, 16in and 18in sizes and are a considerable technical improvement on existing match and carp landing nets.

The special fish-friendly mesh features a flat section, knotless mesh with a super fine, tight weave. It’s also seriously hook resistant and designed to release rare hook ups much more easily and quickly. It also holds its shape really well, which is a real asset when netting fish at speed.

Extensively field-tested by anglers of the calibre of Alan Scotthorne and Steve Hemingray, the finished product is quite unlike any other landing net out there.


The Carp 7 is the third pole float in the Carp series featuring our special banded tips. Its highly visible 1.5mm Glow Tip antenna helps you spot tiny movements on the float much more easily.

This float shares many similarities with the Carp 6 with one all-important difference; a 0.6mm wire stem for greater stability. This helps provide superior presentation and ensures the float is working in the swim as quickly as possible.

This superbly made and versatile float is available in nine sizes from 0.2g up to 1.5g.


Next up is X Tough. This clear mono is exceptionally strong and resilient to both abrasion and shot damage.

It is available on compact 50m spools from 0.08mm/1lb 4oz right up to 0.24mm/10lb. It has accurately quoted diameters and achievable knot strength, rather than linear strength, because there aren’t many rigs without knots!

A fantastic new hooklength and rig making material for both float and feeder fishing.

x-tough-line-range-CAll of these products are available now and should be finding their way into all good Drennan stockists over the next couple of weeks.

Visit the New Products section to learn more about our latest tackle releases.

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A Red-Letter Tench Session

Simon ‘Busta’ Aston had a trip to remember at Linear Fisheries after banking 36 tench to over 9lb. Here’s his account of a red-letter session.


After a session or two catching a few bream I thought timing and weather was perfect to embark on my first tench session of the season and there’s no finer place to start than the country’s leading day ticket complex, Linear Fisheries in Oxford.

simon-castable-weed-rake-webAfter the five-hour trek down the motorway I was soon admiring the lakes in their full spring bloom. I couldn’t believe the difference between my Durham home and Oxford in terms of how much growth the trees had on them. Even the irises were starting to flower! A quick lap round Manor Lake to find some likely looking swims followed before settling into a lovely looking spot not too far from the car park.

The afternoon sun beamed down onto the water, revealing two cracking bars; one at about 40 yards from the bank and the other about 70. They were clearly visible from a Google Earth image I already had on my phone. I chose the closer of the two bars for the simple reason it would be far more comfortable achieving the distance when the forecast winds picked up the following day. Literally the first cast with my marker rod setup and my spot for the weekend was located!

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