Great Start To The Trent Masters

Wayne with a great net of perch from the Coors AC stretch of the River Trent at Burton.

Wayne with a great net of perch from the Coors AC stretch of the River Trent at Burton.

Wayne Swinscoe reflects on a really prom­ising start to the new Drennan Coors Trent Masters series.

Just six weeks into the river season and the new upper Trent Masters sponsored by Drennan International and brewery giant Coors seems to have cap­tured the atten­tion of river anglers across the Midlands. The demand for tickets has been incred­ible with over 240 anglers fishing the first three qualifers.

The fishing has been pretty good, too. Normally the Burton stretches don’t really start pro­du­cing con­sistent sport until the end of August, but this year things seem to have changed. All three matches have been won with between 13lb and 15lb and double fig­ures needed to frame (top 7).

Surprisingly the majority of fish making up these weights have been dumpy perch from 2oz to 4oz backed up by dace, chub­lets and only a few roach. These perch can be caught on a variety of methods but the best seems to be either a whip or short pole over small balls of ground­bait con­taining chopped worm and maggots.

With four more qual­i­fying matches taking us into September, the roach fishing should really come on strong. Eighteen anglers have all ready qual­i­fied for the 42-peg Final in October, which is going to be a really strong river field.

To qualify for the Grand Final you have to finish in the top six of any of the qual­i­fying matches. The draw will take place at the Washlands Sports club (Postcode: DE14 1TD) at 8.45 to 9am with fishing from 11am to 4pm. To book on, tele­phone Tony Vandome on 01283 512711.

Remaining qual­i­fier Dates: August 2nd, August 16th, August 30th, September 6th. Grand Final: October 4th.

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Alex’s First UK Carp

Alex Duverneuil was grin­ning from ear to ear after catching his first English carp last week. 


Originally from France, Alex now lives in the UK and works on one of our European desks at Drennan HQ. He has been itching to give English-style fishing a go and an after­noon visit to Rolfs Lake in Oxford was the per­fect opportunity.


Crystal Dibber Rigs proved ideal for Alex’s first ever margin carp session!

Kitted out with an Acolyte Margin Carp pole and a couple of the new Crystal Dibber Rigs, some reg­ular feeding with hard 8mm pel­lets over a bit of fish­meal ground­bait soon encour­aged the res­ident carp into the shallow margins.

Pink Carp Bungee elastic was soon reg­u­larly zooming out of his top kit as he found him­self attached to sev­eral hard-fighting carp to over 10lb. Alex clearly enjoyed him­self and des­pite having never used a Side Pull Kit before (or a margin pole for that matter!) he really appre­ci­ated just how effective they were for sub­duing fish of all sizes.

A sur­prise 3lb chub also took a liking to his hair-rigged 8mm pellet and, although it tried its very best to evade cap­ture, it was even­tu­ally netted after a lively battle.

Alex com­mented, “I really enjoyed my ses­sion catching carp with pole tackle. Hopefully it will be the first of many!”

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Bronze Medal For Drennan Barnsley

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won team bronze in Slovakia in the 2015 World Club Championship!

Drennan Barnsley

The team of Alan Scotthorne, Matt Godfrey, Lee Kerry, Simon Fields, James Dent and Frankie Gianoncelli posted two really con­sistent team scores on the River Váh at Žilina, which lived up to its pre-match repu­ta­tion as a great inter­na­tional venue.

WCC-2015-full-resultSlovakia’s SRZ MsO Levice Sensas won gold medal on home soil with a really impressive 21 points. The home nation clearly had the tac­tics worked out as they com­fort­ably won both days, including four out of five sec­tions on Day Two!

The Czech Republic’s RSK Pardubice Colmic took a very com­mend­able silver-medal pos­i­tion with 37 points.

Well done to all!

Day 1 Teams

  • 1st SRZ MsO Levice Sensas (Slovakia) 12pts
  • 2nd RSK Pardubice Colmic (Czech Republic) 14pts
  • 3rd Matchfishing-Belarus (Belarus) 19pts
  • 4th Drennan Barnsley Blacks (England) 22pts

Day 2 Teams:

  • 1st SRZ MsO Levice Sensas (Slovakia) 9pts
  • 2nd Traper Siedlce (Poland) 22pts
  • 3rd= Drennan Barnsley Blacks (England) 23pts
  • 3rd= RSK Pardubice Colmic (Czech Republic) 23pts

Teams Overall:

  • 1st SRZ MsO Levice Sensas (Slovakia) 21pts
  • 2nd RSK Pardubice Colmic (Czech Republic) 37pts
  • 3rd Drennan Barnsley Blacks (England) 45pts
  • 4th AVPS Tarnava Energo-team (Romania) 48pts

Drennan Barnsley Day 1 Individual Results:

Section A: Matt Godfrey (8.194kg) 1pt
Section B: Alan Scotthorne (7.108kg) 2pts
Section C: Lee Kerry (7.443kg) 3pts
Section D: Simon Fields (2.972kg) 8pts
Section E: James Dent (4.886kg) 8pts

Drennan Barnsley Day 2 Individual Results:

A Section: Lee Kerry (8.261kg) 4pts
B Section: Alan Scotthorne (11.883kg) 1pt
C Section: Frankie Gianoncelli (6.552kg) 9pts
D Section: James Dent (7.748kg) 4pts
E Section: Matt Godfrey (12.606kg) 5pts

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