Latest Video: Spread Bulks

In or latest film, Alan Scotthorne explains the spread bulk shotting pattern that many people use when pole fishing on commercial fisheries.


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Thanks to Little John Lakes fishery in New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, for being such fine hosts. Visit to learn more about this excellent venue.

Venue: Little John Lakes
Location: Maida Lane, New Ollerton, near Newark, Nottinghamshire
Postcode: NG22 9RG
Telephone: (+44) 7715 096738, (+44) 1623 835581

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Chris Tackles Up For Chub

Norfolk-based angler, Chris Wilmot was offered a days chub fishing on a Suffolk river with his good friend and it was too good of an offer to miss.

Chris with a nice chub just under 4lb

“I have been desperate to get out for some chub fishing for a while now, but spending most of my time targeting carp, pike and perch I haven’t found an opportunity to go. So when a good friend of mine David Selley offered me a days chub fishing with him I jumped at the chance! I bought myself a Series 7 13ft Tench and Specimen rod, spooled up with the new version of Float Fish Line and headed for Suffolk.

“The day started slowly for me, but David quickly built a nice net of chub trotting maggot through the swim, including a 5lb 12oz and 4lb 7oz brace.

image3“We moved downstream, to a weir pool where I opened my account with a small chub. With a bit of confidence, I moved back to the swim where I began the day and after building the swim with maggot, I made my first trot and landed my first proper chub of the day at 3lb 12oz. I stayed on until dusk and was rewarded with a  personal best chub of 4lb 2oz.”

Chris used a simple Stick float setup with a Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklink and a Wide Gape Specialist hook baited with two maggots.

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First-Ever ‘Two’ For Matthew

With only a couple of hours spare after work, Matthew Fernandez opted to fish an area he had previously located some big roach on the River Itchen.


“The bigger fish had always evaded me, but on this short session, I was into a few roach straight away, which was a good sign. I then hooked and lost at the net a roach easily over two-pound, my heart sunk, as I thought that was my only chance gone. But then the very next trot through the swim the float sunk in the same place and I struck into what felt like another huge roach. Thankfully, this one managed to make its way into the landing net and weighed 2lb 8oz, my first two, and a new personal best.”

Matthew used his 13ft Acolyte Plus float rod coupled with a centerpin loaded with 3lb 2oz Float Fish to which he fished a small 2BB Stick float and 2lb Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklink to a size 16 Super Specialist hook baited with two red maggots.

This impressive capture earns Matthew a weekly Drennan Cup Award in this week’s Angling Times.

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A Top Weekend At White Acres


Chris’ Day 1 catch from Twin Oaks.

Chris Vandervleit looks back on an excellent performance in the Drennan Silverfish Festival held last weekend at White Acres. 

The Drennan Silverfish weekend at White Acres is a two-day event that I always look forward to, ever since the competition started three years ago. It was great to be down in Cornwall in great company and, despite the up and down weather, it turned out to be a really enjoyable trip.

Day One

On Day One I was drawn in the ‘red zone’ which meant no F1s, crucians or carassio would count. Peg 6 on Twin Oaks was my home for the day. As I arrived I could see small roach topping. This made my mind up to fish shallow at 10 metres for roach and look on the deck for bream and skimmers later on in the day.


Peg 6, Twin Oaks.

My rigs for fishing shallow were the old Drennan Caster floats in 0.1g and 0.2g sizes on 0.12mm Supplex with a size 18 Silverfish Maggot hook and a 0.10mm Double Strength hooklength. For fishing on the deck I set up 0.5g and 0.6g AS2s, with the same main line and hooklengths and a larger size 16 Silverfish Maggot hook.

At the start of the match I loose fed casters. First cast I caught a small roach that fell to a single caster hook bait. After the first hour I had caught 60 more roach for about 5lb, which I was very happy with.

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7lb 3oz Thames Chub

Swindon based angler, Mark Doherty recently had a session of a lifetime on the River Thames fishing for chub.


During the session, Mark managed to land seven chub, all over 5lb, with the biggest tipping the scales at an impressive 7lb 3oz! He used his 14ft Acolyte Plus float rod to fish a bolo float through the 5ft swim using a 4lb hooklink with a size 10 Super Specialist hook baited with bread flake.

“I couldn’t believe my luck, landing so many big chub in one session was unbelievable. Definitely one session I will never forget!”.

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Introducing The Drennan Wind Beater Jacket

The all-new Drennan Wind Beater Jacket. Lightweight, windproof and incredibly warm.

maurice-jacket-02Our latest Wind Beater Jacket is available in seven sizes, from Small to 4XL, and is the perfect blend of style and practicality.

It has a 5,000mm waterproof outer shell and a 3,000g breathability rating to keep you protected from the elements. It also has a padded aqua lining for extra warmth and comfort, neoprene storm cuffs and an adjustable hood that sits perfectly over a cap. Two zipped hand warmer pockets, internal and external security pockets and heavy duty YKK zips and toggles finish off this great looking garment.

It’s a great jacket to be seen in, both on and off the bank!

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Maggots Tempt Chub And Grayling

Terry ‘Theo’ Theobald recently enjoyed two days trotting down south. One day on the Dorset Stour targeting its chub and another on the River Frome fishing for grayling.


Theo with his 6lb 1oz chub caught from the Dorset Stour on trotted maggots.

“I used my all-time favourite float rod the 15ft Matchpro Ultralight with a simple trotting outfit consisting of 4lb 4oz Float Fish mainline, a large Loafer float, an olivette to get the hook bait down quickly, a size 14 swivel to stop line twist and a size 18 Super Spade Hooks To Nylon baited with a single red maggot.”

Theo landed no less than 20 grayling on the Frome to an impressive 2lb 11oz, which was backed up with two other 2lb fish and several big ones for good measure. On the Dorset Stour bites were much less frequent, only landing three chub, but with the biggest tipping the scales to 6lb 1oz it proved to be another great day.

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Big Perch For Paul Elt

Paul Elt has been having great success on a local river lately, targeting big perch using very simple tactics.


“I’ve been targeting perch recently on a local river. It’s that time of year when all the weed beds are still dying off and with a lot of leaf debris along some riverbeds bait presentation is important. I’m sure perch root around for a big lobworm but I’m far more confident with presenting a bait off the bottom, especially if the water is carrying a bit of colour.

“The best way to do this I find is by creating a buoyant bait. To do this I inject a small amount of air into the worm and present it on a size 4 Super Specialist hook which is then anchored to the bottom with a small shot. I use a simple running rig when fishing for perch, incorporating a short tag of 2lb line with an Olivette. This will pull free from the line if it gets caught up amongst the cabbages or tree roots enabling me to keep in contact with the fish.

“I like to use a light bobbin on a long drop with my favoured 12ft 1.75 Series 7 Specialist Avon/Quiver rod pointed straight at the baited area for minimum resistance. I also sit close to the rod, enabling me to hit any positive lifts on the bobbin. Regularly feeding red maggots and chopped worm over the top is also important.”

With plenty of perch to just under 3lb already landed by Paul this season, it’s definitely a great method for targeting big perch on snaggy rivers.

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Latest Video: Line Length & Back Shots

In or latest film, Alan Scotthorne passes on some valuable advice to help your pole rigs perform correctly on commercial fisheries.


The five times World Champ explains the importance of getting the length of line between your pole tip and float correct. He also explains the usefulness of back shotting when it’s windy or if you are fishing further out.

Watch the video >>

Thanks to Little John Lakes fishery in New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, for being such fine hosts. Visit to learn more about this excellent venue.

Venue: Little John Lakes
Location: Maida Lane, New Ollerton, near Newark, Nottinghamshire
Postcode: NG22 9RG
Telephone: (+44) 7715 096738, (+44) 1623 835581

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My Riverfest Final

Simon Willsmore has now managed three top-10 finishes in the Angling Trust Riverfest Final. Here’s his account of this year’s big-money event, which took place last weekend on the River Wye in Herefordshire.


Simon Willsmore in action on the River Wye. (Image courtesy of Simon Christian)

Image courtesy of Steve Metcalfe.

Simon Willsmore’s Day One catch. (Image courtesy of Steve Metcalfe)

The Angling Trust Riverfest Final is one of the biggest matches in my calendar, so I was really looking forward to this year’s event. My preparations started well in advance as there are quite a few methods that can be used on this mighty river. Having fished the Final for the last two years it gave me some good experience to fall back on and by the time it came for practicing I felt ready. I spent four very enjoyable days leading up to the Final, catching some nice barbel on feeder tactics and some great weights of roach and dace on the whip and long pole. When this river is on song it’s fantastic!

Anticipation is always high leading up to the two-day match and one of the things on every competitor’s mind is the weather and river levels. A dropping river combined with warm temperatures had given ideal conditions in practice, but unfortunately it did not last quite long enough. Come the weekend, the water temperature had gone from 9 degrees to 5 degrees, as cold rain started to filter in to the match length.

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