Yum Yum Bait Booster Brings Instant Action

Andy Waters has kindly sent us some pho­to­graphs from a few of his recent ses­sions on a Norfolk gravel pit were he has landed numerous tench to 8lb 15oz.


Andy has been using his Drennan 2lb Distance Specialist Tench & Bream rods with 60g method feeders, a short 12lb Gravel Braid hook­link and a crit­ic­ally bal­anced maze hook­bait presented on a hair with a size 10 hook.

For extra attrac­tion, Andy also adds a gen­erous squeeze of Crab & Krill Yum Yum Bait Booster to his method feeder just before casting out. “I believe this is get­ting me bites a lot quicker, I’ve had quite a few takes almost instantly, just as I am clip­ping the bobbin on,” added Andy.

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Bolt Rig Feeder Tactics Fool Tench To Over 10lb

James Gould has had a great start to his tench fishing this year, landing numerous fish over his 9lb target and even breaking the magical 10lb barrier. 


Over the course of three recent ses­sions on a Midlands gravel pit, James has man­aged to land an impressive 29 tench including a stun­ning fish of 10lb 7oz, which he had caught on a pre­vious ses­sion 6oz lighter.

He used a spomb to intro­duce a small bed of mag­gots, hemp and micro pellet onto two spots, one at 20 yards just down the mar­ginal shelf and the other at 36 yards adja­cent a small weedbed.

James used simple Bolt Rig Feeder tac­tics with a short mono hook­link and red Buoyant Mag­gots presented on a d-ring arrange­ment on a size 14 hook.

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A Session With The Acolyte Margin Carp

We recently paid Heronbrook Fisheries a visit to put the Acolyte Margin Carp 9.5 through its paces. The result was a bul­ging catch of quality carp for Drennan’s res­ident ‘pole man’ Dan Varney!


acolyte-margin-dan7Tackling an attractive corner swim on Meadow Pool, Dan went for an all-out margin attack down both edges. The left-hand swim was around seven metres away, tucked between a clump of grass and an adja­cent plat­form. Here he opted for the extra sta­bility of a 0.3g Carp 2 float to help deal with the 3ft depth and gusting winds. This swim was attacked with large pots of ground­bait and micro pel­lets with an added glug of Yum Yum Bait Booster for extra attraction.

acolyte-margin-dan9The right-hand swim was fished at the Acolyte Margin Carp’s full 9.5m length. This was tight to some mar­ginal reeds in 2ft of water to demon­strate how well the pole fishes at max­imum exten­sion. Here he used a 0.2g AS4 float and adopted a lighter feeding regime involving small amounts of micros pel­lets and a few grains of corn tapped in each cast via a small pole pot.

Shellfish Extract Yum Yums in 4mm and 6mm sizes and sweet­corn were both tried on a size 16 Wide Gape Pellet hook to 0.16mm line. Elastic was pink Carp Bungee through a full Ghost Margin Kit. Even with this rel­at­ively strong gear the Side Pull System came into play on more than one occa­sion with fish to 8lb being swiftly played and landed. As the Acolyte Margin Carp is stiffer than your average ‘margin pole’ it is a great advantage for bringing hard-fighting carp to submission.

It was a tre­mendous day with with increas­ingly larger and angrier fish homing in on the feed. An impressive catch was Dan’s reward – every single one of them caught with the Acolyte Margin Carp 9.5!

Thanks to Heronbrook Fisheries in Slindon, near Eccleshall, Staffordshire, for the use of its lakes.

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