New Video: Fitting A Dacron Connector

Alan Scotthorne passes on some excel­lent advice for fit­ting a Dacron Connector in our latest video.


Watch the video here »

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Surprise ‘Snakes’ For Gary

Gary Barclay with his impressive catch of 'snakes'.

Gary Barclay with his impressive catch of ‘snakes’.

Drennan Oxford have been catching some quality fish on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal at Thorne in read­i­ness for the Team Champs Final this weekend.

Tony Hobbs has had some suc­cess with quality bream and, during one team line-up, Gary Barclay man­aged four huge eels to 2lb 9oz for a good 8lb of his 12lb total weight!

“I got some local advice from one of the Drennan Barnsley Blacks. He said to fish mag­gots down the middle for eels and chopped worm and caster across for bream. It ended up being the exact opposite, as I had the eels across over chopped worm and my bream over my maggot line down the middle! 

Tony Hobbs with a quality net of canal bream.

Tony Hobbs’ net of bream.

“I got the eels out on a strong 0.12mm Fluorocarbon hook­length and yellow Carp Bungee elastic. I used a size 18 Kamasan B560 for maggot and a size 16 for worms. The float was a 0.5g AS1 fished in around 5ft of water.

“The eels were as thick as your arm and looked more like snakes, so when team mate Carl Eland saw them he ran away petrified!”

Good luck to all the Drennan teams com­peting this weekend!

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50lb 8oz Carp Off The Top

Brett Wild man­aged to tempt this impressive fish off the sur­face during a ses­sion at Pendle View Fishery.


Spotting the fish taking a few mixers out in the middle of the lake, Brett cast his hook­bait past the feeding fish and slowly pulled it back into pos­i­tion, where he pre­dicted the fish would move to.

“The fish came up and took the mixer and rolled as I set the hook,” he com­mented. “I knew it was a good fish but didn’t think it was that big! After a 10-minute battle, the fish was guided over the net.”

Brett’s rig con­sisted of a Drennan Surface Controller held in place with Float Stops, a 9ft hook­link of 12lb Series 7 Mono and a size 6 Specimen hook tied on with a short hair to attach a mixer.

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