The Croatian Feeder League

Dora Kolmanić has sent in some nice pictures and information on the Croatian Feeder League that the Orka Drennan team have been fishing.


“Some of these images are from Rakitje, a lake near Zagreb in Croatia which is full of carp, Prussian carp and bream,” Dora explains. “It was the first match in the Croatian Feeder League and Orka Drennan were 3rd. Davor Kolmanic was 3rd in A Section, Luka Jantol was 4th in B Section and Antonio Horvatic was 3rd in C Section.

“This was heavy duty feeder fishing long distance, 70–80 metres. On this lake braid is forbidden, so we must use mono so extra strong rods and large reels are required. We therefore used Drennan Feeder & Method Mono in 0.23mm and 0.25mm with strong a shock leader. We use Drennan Cage Feeders and bullet-type feeders, size 10 and 12 Carbon Feeder hooks and size 12 Specimen hooks.

“The following match was small bream fishing on Lake Ivanec where Team Orka Drennan were 2nd. It was very windy and cold. Drennan Acolyte Ultra and Plus Feeder rods were the team weapons supported by FD 3000 reels.

“The next round is late May at Garesnica, a lake full of Prussian carp.”

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Great Start For Reigning Champ

Jon Arthur made a promising start to his UK Angling Championship title defence after finishing 3rd overall on Round One. 


Round 1 top three: (from left) Dale Shepherd, Andy Power and Jon Arthur.

The three-time champ managed a hard-earned 52kg (115lb) from peg 52 on Laurels Pool at Lindholme Lakes. Most of that weight consisted of F1s and small carp caught up and down in the water with chopped worm and casters.

In-form Andy Power took overall victory with 61kg (134lb) from peg 10 on Strip Pond fishing sweetcorn down the margins for quality carp to 8lb. Local expert Dale Shepherd also caught quality fish down his edges for 57kg (125lb) and 2nd place.

This prestigious event is once again sponsored by Old Ghost and will be televised on BT Sport later in the year. Round 2 is next month at The Glebe Fishery in Leicestershire.

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The Art of the Lift Method

Still water specimen hunting is predominantly based around bolt rigs and buzzers, which is understandable given its effectiveness. Not only is this true for carp but tench as well.


There is a period, generally, from mid-May onwards, where a more traditional approach will have its day and for once the scream of an alarm won’t indicate success but instead the dip of a float, giving you one of angling’s classic moments with the lift method.

tench-underwaterGeneralising is a dangerous thing but at the start of the tench season with the water still cool they remain within reach of only a feeder. Longer days, higher temperatures and in my experience, damselflies emerging change the tinca’s habits and now the margins become a favoured place suddenly richer in natural food. At such close quarters the bolt rig loses its impact and if you know how to fish the float correctly you will catch far more.

martin-drennan-rod-dragonflyThe perfect scenario for me is to arrive the evening before to utilise another method many would believe belonged in a museum – the rake. In fact, it’s 2 stainless steel rake heads placed back-to-back and wired together. It’s important they are heavy hence the stainless steel so they tear into the bottom and not skip over it. Once tied on the end of a length of rope it can be thrown to the base of the marginal shelf.

I will do this regardless of whether there is weed or not because just the action of turning over the bottom is highly attractive. Is this due to the fact that natural food is released? Yes, but I believe, crucially, the shine from a freshly turned bottom is also very attractive as it looks as if other tench have been feeding there and makes it worth investigating. This is boosted further by a little pre-bait and if small fish aren’t an issue maggots or caster and hemp combo would be my first choices, only if necessary to avoid small silverfish pellet or corn would be added. Whatever is selected it wouldn’t be much and certainly no more than half a pint. Once prepared the night would be a relaxing affair as I wouldn’t be fishing.

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Crucians On The Feed

All-rounder Matthew Fernandez enjoyed a great days fishing over the weekend at one of his club waters, landing three crucians, each over 2lb.

matthew-fernandez-crucian-may“I arrived nice and early to have a good look around the lake before deciding on where to fish. The water was very clear so I knew it was going to be a tough day.”

Matthew fished a 25g In-Line Flat Method Feeder into open water with micro krill pellets moulded around the feeder and a single white Buoyant Caster hook bait on a short 4″ hook link to a size 16 Super Specialist hook.

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Barnsley Win The Commercial National

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won the 2016 Commercial National today.


Drennan Barnsley Blacks, Commercial National Champions 2016.

The prestigious event saw 28 teams of 10 anglers from all over the country competing at Lindholme Lakes in South Yorkshire.

Drennan Barnsley went into the competition as one of the local favourites and lived up to their reputation with a hard-earned 193-point winning score. Every ounce was vital as Matrix Trentmen were just a point behind.

UPDATE: Drennan Leicester were originally read out in third place but for the second year running the Angling Trust made a mistake with the points in this event. These were rectified a couple of days later and it was eventually Drennan North West who were named as 3rd, with Leicester knocked back to 5th. Drennan Leicester still had the overall match winner with Sean Huggins catching 40kg of carp from Beeches Lake.

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Drennan North West Top At Heronbrook

Drennan North West have retained their title as Heronbrook Spring League Champions.


Drennan North West: (from left) Matty Dawes, Steve Conroy, Stu Conroy and Richard O’Connor.

This well-established league saw 30 teams of four competing over six rounds at the Staffordshire venue.

Drennan North West’s experienced quartet consisted of Stu Conroy, Steve Conroy, Richard O’Connor and Matty Dawes. Six consistent team performances saw them take the title with 96 points, just a point ahead of Nathan’s Tackle.

The full results from all the rounds are on the Heronbrook Fishery website.

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England Under 23 Squad Announced

The five-man team representing Drennan Team England Under 23s for this year’s World Championship has been announced.

england-st-george-flagAlex Clements, Matt Barnett and Rory Jones retain their places from last year. Bradley Gibbons has also been selected after his success in the Under 18s squad. The final member is Ricky Marshall who earns his first England cap.

This year’s event is on the River Sorraia in Coruche, Portugal, which has been a notoriously tough venue for England in the past. Expected species and tactics will be barbel on the waggler and bleak and borga on the pole. Carassio and mullet are also possible.

Manager Mark Downes explained, “This is a good team, all capable of fishing at distance but equally at home putting 200 small fish on the scales if needed. We will need all of our technical and tactical skills on this one if we are to do well.”

Mark is also joined by Darran Bickerton as his Assistant Coach this year. Mark said, “Darran has a wealth of experience and is well travelled. Tactically Darran is superb, and his attention to detail when it comes to preparation is meticulous. Along with myself we will leave no stone unturned.”

Drennan Team England U23s Team:

  • Alex Clements, Southampton
  • Rory Jones, Herefordshire
  • Bradley Gibbons, Berkshire
  • Matt Barnett, Hampshire
  • Ricky Marshall, Sheffield
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Thumbs Up From Barford Lakes

barford-lakes-sarah-and-jackSarah Thomson at Barford Lakes has Tweeted this great picture of Jack Gill and herself sporting their Drennan clothing.

The picture was taken while they were on the bank coaching at the popular Barford Lakes fishery near Norwich. They were braving some really unpredictable weather conditions to offer their help and advice to other anglers, which is a service the Norfolk fishery has a great reputation for.

Sarah commented, “Big thanks to Drennan for your support this year. A cold day’s coaching is much better with your great clothing!”

Visit the Barford Lakes website.

View the entire Drennan Clothing range.

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Scotthorne’s Feeder Secrets In New-Look Weekly

Alan Scotthorne’s ultimate feeder rig is revealed in the all-new Angling Times.scotthorne-new-ATThe five times World Champion tackles a local reservoir and explains everything you need to know as he puts together a mixed catch of tench, bream and roach.

Martin Bowler’s Angling Adventures weekly column is also inside, with the big-fish specialist focusing on his hunt for springtime monsters.

The 88-page new-look weekly is now a smaller A4 format and in the shops now. Visit to learn more.


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Latest Video: Acolyte Plus 12ft Feeder

Dean Barlow puts the Acolyte Plus 12ft Feeder rod through its paces in our latest video.

12ft-plus-feeder-VIDThe England Feeder ace tackles Ferry Meadows in Peterborough and puts together a huge net of quality bream for the cameras, all caught with the Acolyte Plus 12ft Feeder.

Watch the video »

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